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Glass & Window Cleaner Sprays


When it comes to making that all-important first impression, no detail should be overlooked. If you’ve got guests or visitors coming to your home or office, you’re more than likely to have the carpets hoovered, shelves dusted, and surfaces cleaned. However, grimy windows and dirty glass can let the whole effect down. At Avansas, we stock a range of glass & window cleaner sprays designed to leave them sparkling and clear, in next to no time.



Streak-free cleaning


Whether you’re cleaning your windows, giving the mirrors a wipe down, or you have glass-topped furniture that needs a lift, choose streak-free glass cleaner sprays and window cleaner sprays. This means that your glass surfaces won’t sport any unsightly streaks. 

While our range holds a selection of streak-free cleaners, there are a few things you can do to help matters. Microfibre cloths are more absorbent than standard towels or cleaning cloths, helping to pick up any residue or hidden dirt. Make sure that you wipe away all the cleaning solution, as any left behind may cause streaks.



A green clean


For those who want to minimise their impact on the environment, we also offer a selection of eco-friendly glass cleaning sprays. These are as effective as their traditional counterparts, but don’t involve the use of chemicals. Instead, they use organic compounds and surfactants to ensure a glistening, streak-free finish, enhanced by a pleasant, citrus scent. Many of our eco-friendly window cleaner sprays are made from plant and mineral-based ingredients, with 100% recycled packaging.



DIY cleaning


If you want to make your spray cleaner for windows and glass, or use other cleaning sprays for other surfaces, we also supply trigger spray bottles. The head of the bottle can be unscrewed for easy filling and features a rotating nozzle to allow you to choose the spray pattern that best suits the job at hand. With a locking nozzle to prevent leakage and accidental spraying, these are made from durable polyethene and can be filled with your detergent of choice.

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