Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen Electrical Appliances


Whether you work in the catering business or a busy office, having the right kitchen electrical appliances to hand can make an enormous difference to the working day. From giving your employees the chance for a quick tea break to being able to grind fresh coffee for your customers, they can add a welcome and added dimension to almost any workplace.



Water Coolers


Beyond the obvious benefits of keeping hydrated, water coolers give workers a chance to take a break and decompress with their colleagues. In turn, this can promote trust and camaraderie between your employees, and make for a happier working environment. Similarly, the presence of a water cooler in an office shows your employees that you respect and care for them, which can only help engender mutual feelings. Easy to use and simple to install, we offer superb, free-standing water coolers that are as stylish as they are practical.



Water Jugs


However, at Avansas, we’re aware that not every office has room for a full-size water cooler. However, whether you work from home, or your office only has a small space for kitchen electrical appliances, we can provide more compact solutions. Water jugs, complete with filtering cartridges are a great way to keep your team cool and refreshed, even during the hottest summers. Our water jug filters use activated carbon to remove contaminants, such as chlorine, which can change the way water tastes and smells. Pair your jug with water dispenser cup holders and your mini water station is ready to roll.



Coffee Machines


For many workers, good coffee is a real treat. However, the prices charged by many coffee shops, it’s quickly becoming unaffordable. Investing in a coffee machine allows your employees to enjoy a quality caffeine kick, without having to shell out exorbitant sums of money. For employers, it means that less time is wasted on trips to the local coffee shop and the smell of fresh coffee in the office is always a welcoming one, for both staff and visitors. Coffee machines are an essential kitchen electrical appliance for any coffee-loving home or workplace.