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Chocolate & Confectionery

Whether you're looking for a quick mint to freshen up pre-meeting or an afternoon pick-me-up, Avansas offers a large range of tasty sweets and confectionery that is the perfect addition to every office pantry. This range of confectionery provides workers with a sweet pick-me-up mid-morning to fight off those energy crashes. These sweet treats are great for boosting team morale, as a delicious mid-morning snack, or to get you out of an afternoon slump when fatigue hits.

Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, you’ll find a full range of products to suit all tastes. Love gummies? You’ll find bears and gummy snakes galore, and the range offers both a mix of fruity and tangy flavours for that sweet and sour hit. Prefer something more traditional? Go for refreshing glacier mints. Each bag contains 11 mini packets perfect for sharing around or keeping stashed in your desk draw for a quick mid-afternoon nibble! Within the range there are also fruity mints that are ideal to have around as complementary treats in every work place. These are a healthier option and are made with concentrated fruit juice, containing no artificial flavours or additional preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians too. Each pack contains 12 bags. Super simple but totally tasty, they're a sweet treat that’s both healthy and delicious. The Avansas sugar confectionery range is ideal for buying bulk sweets at an affordable price.