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Electronic Calculators


We are individuals driven by numbers and precision, but it’s a fast-paced world out there and we rarely have time for mental arithmetic. Calculators are essential business supplies, and we offer a comprehensive range of electronic calculators to ensure seamless calculations, reliable operations, and optimal results for your business. Avansas has a wide variety of office calculators designed for a whole host of mathematical applications.



Precision at Your Fingertips


Accuracy is supreme when it comes to crunching those big business numbers. No matter the task, functionality is key, and choosing a calculator that does what you need it to do is of utmost importance. Whether you're solving complex accounting equations or measuring quantities during your brand's annual stock take, Avansas offers an extensive range of ergonomic and user-friendly office calculators that are ideal for use across multiple industries and disciplines.

For everyday calculations, our impressive collection of basic electronic calculators offers products that are simple and convenient. They provide easy-to-use functionality with a straightforward interface, perfect for both advanced and new users. Alternatively, for professionals navigating in-depth, mathematical concepts, scientific devices are an absolute must-have. Intricate problems can be solved with ease thanks to built-in trigonometric features, statistical calculations and other algorithms designed to save you time and brain space.



Calculators for the Classroom


The office isn’t the only place where calculators are essential. We recognise the importance of supporting students in their education and offer a variety of devices designed with the curriculum in mind. From basic mathematical equation-solving to advanced algebra and geometry, our electronic calculators provide students with the necessary tools to excel in their mathematical or science studies.



Ergonomically Designed with You in Mind


When you invest in a calculator you hope it will last, and our office calculators are guaranteed to be reliable and efficient for the long haul. We stock trusted brands known for their durability, and our products are set to withstand frequent number punching and precise calculations. Avansas calculators are designed with you in mind, with one aim: to make your life easier. Many of our electronic calculators feature large, easy-to-read displays to reduce the chance of errors, comfortable keypads to ensure efficient data entry, and battery-saving functions to minimise energy consumption and prolong use.



Make Every Calculation Count


Well-designed, high-quality calculators are vital in maintaining optimal productivity without any sacrifices. It’s important to choose a size, design and set of features that work for you. We have calculators that fit in your pocket for those who are constantly on the go and larger, heavy-duty devices for professionals consistently tapping away at tricky calculations. We even offer printing and graphic calculators for those in need of a visual record of their calculations. Our pricing is suited to a range of budgets and with every product benefiting from a 30-day return period, you have flexibility in finding a product to meet your needs.