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Coloured Paper


If you're looking to make your documents, paperwork, and notices stand out and catch the eye, the quickest and most cost-effective solution is to use coloured paper. While it certainly has its place in the world of arts and crafts, it can also serve a variety of purposes in the workplace - some of which you might not have thought of! From standard coloured paper to coloured printer paper and coloured copy paper, we can help you make your documents more readable, attractive, and inspirational.



Coloured paper and dyslexia


One of the most overlooked aspects of using coloured paper is that it can help those with dyslexia. If you have dyslexic employees, using coloured paper on which to present information can help take the stress out of reading large chunks of text. pastel shades of paper are the best option, as white can appear too stark, while bright colours can confuse the eyes even further. Taking care of details like this can help to show your workforce that, while productivity is always important, you more than value their contribution to the office.



Newsletters and brochures


Printing newsletters on A4 coloured paper can be a cost-effective and convenient way to set yours apart from the daily piles of paperwork. By rotating your colour choices, you can ensure that everyone knows which is the latest edition. Similarly, giving the pages of your brochures a little extra pizazz can help to keep printing costs down while helping yours to stand out from the crowd. You can even coordinate your choice of products to align with your company's livery.



Pristine presentations


Reports and presentation material can also benefit from the use of colour. While you might want to print most of this paperwork on standard white A4 sheets, inserting a few pages printed on coloured copy paper or coloured printer paper can help make certain sections stand out and, as a result, be more memorable. Alternatively, you can colour-code reports and presentation materials, printing each section in different colours. This can help attendees stay on track at all times and keep your presentation running as smoothly as possible.



File in style


Archiving is an integral part of any office's filing system, keeping up-to-date information close at hand while keeping older files and documents safely tucked away for future reference. While using coloured index tabs can be a good idea, using coloured paper can make the whole process of filing and retrieving paperwork that much easier. You can use it in a number of ways to improve your filing system's efficacy, from using colours to denote the age or importance of specific documents to using coloured paper to separate files by subject, creating an at-a-glance system that's easy for even your newest employee to get to grips with.



Coloured paper for colour coding


However, using colour doesn't always have to revolve around the finished article. Using coloured printer paper or coloured copy paper can help create draft documents. Set aside paper for a specific printer, and you can test out text and images without fear that they'll be mistaken for the final copy. Similarly, using A4 coloured paper for internal memos or notices ensures that paperwork isn't confused. As a rule of thumb, choose one colour for memos and stick to it. That way, as soon as your chosen colour arrives in someone's inbox, they know immediately who it's from and that it needs to be prioritised.



Showing your true colours


Browse our collection of A4 coloured paper, and you'll find more than single colours and multicoloured multipacks. You'll also see papers with marbled effects and those with the sparkle of glitter. While you might immediately think they ought to be at home in a crafting cupboard, even these can serve a positive purpose in the workplace. Marbled coloured paper can be a great way to give invitations and notices that extra special edge if you host office parties or celebratory ceremonies. If you happen to present awards - humorous or otherwise - printing them on paper with a metallic twinkle can make them look like something from the Oscars.



Don’t forget the details


As with all our other paper and products, you'll find photos of the coloured paper you prefer accompanied by a short description. You'll find everything you need to know, including its GSM. The GSM of any coloured or white paper can significantly affect its aesthetic appeal and how compatible it is for printing. In essence, the higher the GSM, the heavier and more professional it will look and feel. Paper with a lower GSM is better used for internal purposes rather than mailing to your customers. 

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