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Paper Napkins


Paper napkins are a versatile item to add to any workspace. Their convenience and affordability make them a key component of any event, meeting or working environment, whether you work in an office, catering setting, workshop or at home. Our range contains a huge variety of options, including classic white napkins and napkins in a variety of finishes, colours and patterns. They have a wide range of uses and can be a great alternative to using cleaning cloths or cloth napkins around the workplace. 


Convenient and Versatile

Paper napkins offer a convenient alternative to cloth napkins, which have to be washed, dried and ironed after every use. This can be time and energy-consuming and takes hours away from other important work. For many events such as meetings, conferences, dinners or gatherings, it’s far easier to distribute paper napkins that can simply be thrown away after use. Thanks to their single-use design, they ensure excellent hygiene, reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and stop the spread of germs.


A Classic Choice 

A pack of white paper napkins is a classic choice for use in any workplace, café or restaurant and can be distributed among guests for easy mopping up of spills and crumbs. While white napkins might offer simplicity, there’s also a range of other shades available, such as cream and indigo, for anyone wanting to bring a splash of style or colour to their food service or office kitchen. You can pick a napkin colour, size or finish that works best for your workspace or event and its needs.


Suitable for Everyday and Special Occasions

Our paper napkins are well presented, strong and practical, making them ideal for both everyday use and special occasions. This category presents an array of options, from plain white paper napkins to soft and colourful napkins that add an extra layer of elegance to formal events. Our napkins also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller options that are great for handing out when serving snacks and drinks to larger napkins that are perfect for sit-down meals or cleaning up after a meeting. 

Choose from the Avansas range of napkins for their practicality, hygiene and convenience and enjoy all the benefits of having your items delivered straight to your door with the option of one-day delivery.