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Napkins are a kind of cleaning product used in almost every place such as houses and offices and they play an important role in ensuring cleanliness. While different napkin types respond to all kinds of cleaning needs, aesthetic napkin dispensers provide ease of use and keep napkins clean. Disposable napkins help you clean in no time.

What Are the Types of Napkins?

Napkins are produced in different shapes and functions according to the intended use.

  • Tabletop napkin dispensers help economising as they also provide hygienic use.
  • 1/8 fold napkins are frequently used at workplaces, cleaning companies, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, cafes, restaurants and similar places.
  • Easy-to-use and hygienic napkin dispensers that allow taking one sheet at a time stand out.
  • Facial tissues, which offer practical use, are convenient for desks and countertops.
  • You can also take them anywhere as they are small enough to carry in a bag.

What Are Napkins Used for?

Napkins and napkin dispensers are used in places such as homes, workplaces, entertainment centres, shopping malls, etc.

  • Since napkins are mostly used for catering, they are popular in kitchens and catering organizations.
  • Napkins for tabletop dispensers are indispensable for home kitchens, cafes, and restaurants. Napkins for dispensers in toilets and bathrooms are used in bathrooms of workplaces, shopping malls, and entertainment centres.

What Are The Advantages of Napkins?

  • Napkins help you do the cleaning faster compared to cleaning cloths. As napkins and paper towels are disposable and not washed to reuse like cleaning cloths, they are more hygienic.
  • Facial napkins are the number one items to bring along when going on a road trip or picnic as they are easy to carry in a bag.
  • Facial napkins, which have a special packaging that allows you to take one sheet at a time, offer economical, practical, and hygienic use.
  • Tabletop dispensers allow easy access to napkins when placed in kitchens and on desks.

Which Napkins Can Be Placed In Dispensers?

Napkin dispensers, which are used at homes and workplaces along with restaurants and public toilets, are generally filled with Z fold napkins. These napkins, which are called this way as they are folded in a Z shape, are used for refilling dispensers. When a Z fold napkin is pulled out from the dispenser, the end of the next napkin pops out and the next napkin is ready to use. This ensures a clean and healthy use since there is no human contact with the next napkin.

What to Consider When Buying Napkins

While buying napkins, it is important to consider the intended use to get the right product.

  • Prefer easy-to-pull out napkins for daily and quick use.
  • Select extra absorbent napkins for catering to ensure efficient use.
  • Choose higher quality, coloured and printed napkins instead of standard ones for special occasions such as weddings, engagement ceremonies, receptions, and meetings.