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Office Desk Storage & Desk Organisation


Studies have found a direct link between poor desk organisation and wasted time. According to their research, office workers with untidy desks can lose over four hours each week searching for misplaced files and documents. The good news is that you can quickly regain control of your workstation by buying office desk storage solutions from Avansas.



Reclaiming your desktop


The first place to start with is your desk. The chances are that the majority of its surface is taken up by a keyboard and monitor, leaving limited space for paperwork. However, keeping an eye on what's coming in and going out can make a world of difference to your working day. Start simple with office desk storage products such as our OSCO Mesh Tier Tray. Boasting five levels, you can create your own desktop filing system and see at a glance which tasks need to be prioritised and which can take a back seat. Finished in graphite grey, it’s supremely stylish and has enough room for A4 sheets, as well as standard-sized and larger letters. Our selection of letter trays and filing drawers is the first step towards reclaiming space and keeping on top of your workload.



Creating convenient office desk storage


If your desk has drawers that are overflowing with redundant equipment, you can quickly transform them into desk storage archives. Suspension files, such as the Esselte classic suspension file, are card folders topped with metal hooks, allowing you to suspend them from the runners in your drawers, creating a filing or archive system that's out of sight until you need it. While the files can be written on, it can be a good idea to buy multi-coloured suspension files, so you can quickly identify documents without having to examine each label. However, if you're concerned that cardboard might not be strong enough to bear the weight of your important paperwork, check out office desk storage files such as our Rexel multifile. Made from high-grade polypropylene, they're ideal for heavy-duty use, and their coloured, semi-translucent exteriors help to keep on top of your desk organisation.



Looking after literature


Bankers box system magazine files are a superb way to keep office literature safe and tidy while letting you know exactly what they're holding. Easy to assemble, these filing systems come with large labelling areas, so you can quickly identify what's in there. These filing systems are excellent for filing literature, magazines, and frequently referred to documents. For those who want to combine their desk organisation with some responsibility towards the environment, we stock a selection made from 100% recycled card which can themselves be completely recycled.



Which is your favourite band?


Perhaps one of the most overlooked desk storage essentials can also be one of the most versatile. Rubber bands are a simple way to keep things together, whether it’s files, documents, or other office equipment, such as pens and pencils. By binding papers and other items together, you can help maximise the space available on your desk and quickly find those important bits and pieces when needed. Rubber bands from Avansas are made from 100% rubber and, if you keep them stored at room temperature, won't dry out. No desk should be without a bag of these stretchy little wonders.



Watching your waste


Similarly, it's almost impossible to overestimate the value of having a good wastepaper bin close at hand. While they might not be the most exciting office desk storage solutions, they can be a great help in desk organisation. Rather than stuffing drawers with old paperwork, letting it pile up on your desk or, worse, allowing it to find its way to the floor, you can get rid of paperwork, shredded or otherwise, quickly and efficiently. Our range offers bins, such as our 11-litre metal bin and our metal mesh bin which are fabulously functional but carry enough style that they're not an instant eyesore. If you're struggling with outdated documents, a new bin could be the desk storage solution you're looking for.



Taking care of the details


It's often the case that, if left unchecked, it's the smaller items that seem to make the most mess. While your business cards are an essential piece of office kit, leaving them lying on your desk or clogging up any available drawer adds to your clutter and can result in your cards looking way past their best. We stock an extensive selection of business card holders that will keep your cards contained and protected while adding a splash of panache to your desktop. Choose from contemporary designs, such as our metal cardholder or go for something classic and classy, such as our Önder Business Card Folder.



Gathering your gadgets


We can't do without smartphones and tech, particularly in an office environment. However, having your gadgets strewn across your desk can turn simple tasks into wasted time. While there are plenty of desk organisers for the basics, such as pens, pencils, and note blocks, we offer an innovative take on a tried and tested staple in the form of our Monolith desk organiser. In addition to the usual compartments, this nifty piece of equipment boasts three USB ports, so you can keep your essential gizmos topped up without having to wade through the usual spaghetti of power cables.

Keeping on top of your desk organisation doesn't have to be a chore when you buy your office desk storage solutions from Avansas. As Europe's leading office accessories and supplies provider, we can offer you the best products at the best prices, whether you're buying bulk or making a one-off purchase.