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What Is Desk Storage & Organisation?


Many people spend all day working. You cannot be as productive as you would like when working in a chaotic and disorganised environment. Thanks to ergonomic office organisational supplies, everything is in its proper place, and you will have the elbow room you need.


Desk storage products are spread over a wide range. Desk organisation supplies allow you to focus more in business life and increase your performance and motivation. Under desk storage drawers, which support your comfort, are ideal products for storing items you don't want to stay on your desk. You can eliminate the clutter in your office with Avansas' products in the desk storage and organisation category and you can turn your job into a hobby.

What Are The Most Used Desk Storage & Organisation Products?


Whether you are working in an office or at home, you can find all the products you are looking for in Avansas' product range. Desk storage and organisation products are very diverse. These products can also be categorised in themselves according to their functions. Some of the products that increase productivity in business life are as follows.


  • Desk storage box,
  • Desk storage unit,
  • Desk storage shelf,
  • Desk storage drawers,
  • Over desk storage unit


Desk organisers and similar desktop products in this category are as follows.


Desk Tidies & Organisers


Do you have dozens of pens on your desk that you don't use? Can't remember where you last put your scissors? You may use desk tidies and desk organisers to store all stationery in one place. Some of the desk tidy products that can meet your different needs are as follows.

  • File organisers,
  • Desk cable tidy,
  • Desk storage organiser


File organisers allow you to store your official documents on your desk in a specific order. You can easily find and use documents that you have listed chronologically or by name. Desk cable tidy eliminates the clutter created by cables in your workspace. With the cable tidies produced for managing messy wires, your workspace expands. Thanks to desk storage organisers, you can keep both stationery and paper in one place.

Mouse Mats

Mouse mats are used for the mouse to move comfortably. In the mouse mats category of Avansas' wide product range, you can find products in different sizes and made of different materials. Mouse mats models with ergonomic and wrist support features are highly preferred in offices.

Magazine Files

There are many papers, files and documents in offices and workplaces. In the storage phase of these documents, files are classified according to certain characteristics. Magazine files are designed to preserve and classify your documents. Thanks to its semi-open design, you can easily access the documents. Besides, since the documents are stored upright, they do not wrinkle and are not damaged.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are products with an elastic structure made of rubber material. These are indispensable for offices, workplaces, desks and even your home. You can tie the pens with rubber bands to keep them together. You can seal the coffee package with rubber bands. This product, which has many functions, is considerably affordable.

Business Card Holders

Business cards are used by employees to present their contact information to other business people, prospects or their own customers. It is necessary to keep business cards in a way that will not wrinkle and tear. Business card holders are used to store your business cards both on the desk and in your purse.

Desk Mats

Desk mats have the same function as mouse mats. This product, which is used for easy movement of the mouse, covers the entire table and provides more movement space for the mouse. You can choose the one that suits your taste among desk mats in different colours and sizes.

Office Waste Bins

Office waste bins are buckets made of metal or plastic used to temporarily store solid waste. There are many different models of waste bins specifically designed for use in offices. Office waste bin models vary according to their size, technical characteristics, volume and material.

Letter Trays & Filing Drawers

Letter trays and filing drawers are used to organise desktop and cabinets. It helps to organise official documents and papers systematically in offices. The types of letter trays and filing drawers, which allow items to be found easily, have different types such as open shelves and drawers.


What Should Be Considered When Buying Desk Storage & Organisation Products?


Desk storage and organisation products are indispensable for a well-organised working environment. When purchasing desk storage products for your office, it is important to pay attention to some details.


  • The products you will buy should be made of high quality and durable materials. Quality products are used for a long time and reduce your consumption costs.
  • For some, it is not enough for these products to be functional only. Desk storage and organisation products that look stylish and modern increase your motivation.
  • It is also very important by which brands the products are produced. All products in Avansas' product range are produced by reliable brands.
  • Product prices are also a criterion to consider when buying desk storage and over desk storage products. You can find products suitable for every budget at Avansas.


How Much Are Desk Storage & Organisation Prices?


Everyone wants to work in a pleasant and organised environment. Desk storage and organisation products prices vary according to size, material and brand. However, Avansas' wide product range includes affordable products suitable for every budget. Go to, which has a user-friendly design, browse the products and add the ones you like to your cart. Make a profit by purchasing wholesale products for your entire office.


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