Index Tabs & Page Markers

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Post It Index Tabs, Page Markers & Sticky Tabs


Rooting through a lengthy document to find a specific section or piece of information can be frustrating and time-consuming. Even worse, expecting a client or customer to do the same, without any guiding markers, communicates the idea that you or your company is disorganised and inconsiderate.

Index tabs & page markers, also known as sticky tabs, are an effective way to break up daunting documents and allow readers to find what they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently. These page markers can be used to colour-code pages of text, breaking down reference materials into appropriate sections.



Versatile and durable


Post-it Index tabs & page markers can be an essential accessory for a variety of purposes, such as accountancy, managing a team, creating client lists, in the education system, creating portfolios, and even managing records and receipts at home.

Easy to use, they are made from durable, coloured paper, and backed with a special adhesive strip. What makes this strip so important is that, while it will stay in place once put there, it allows the tab or marker to be removed and, if needed, repositioned, without damaging the source material. This is ideal for documents and files that might need to be updated or allows the user to mark up the pieces of information they think are pertinent. Similarly, page markers can be used to highlight areas of a document or contract that need to be signed, without having to write on them. 



A silent guide


Index tabs are best used at the top of the document and, because they’re made from strong and resilient paper, can be written on and customised. For people new to the material, this can help to guide them to the important bits and divide the document into pieces of manageable content. Used in conjunction with each other, post-it index tabs & sticky tabs can even be used as a silent guide, pointing the reader towards pages and passages that are of particular importance.