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Pencil Erasers


Erasing mistakes on a laptop or computer is easy. Hit delete, and everything’s back to where it should be. However, if you’re in a boardroom or classroom, and you’re working with good, old-fashioned pencils and paper, no amount of 21st Century technology will help you out. Believe it or not, pencil rubbers have been around since the 18th Century and are likely to be around for a long time yet. Despite their longevity, pencil erasers have evolved since their conception and knowing a little about what you're buying can help you to choose the right erasers for the job.



Who invented pencil erasers?


The invention of the graphite pencil in the 17th Century required a method of correcting any mistakes. For around 100 years, the only available way to do so was to use moistened bread. Fast forward to 1770, and an engineer by the name of Edward Nairne picked up a piece of natural rubber by accident and discovered that it could erase graphite marks. However, he didn't name rubbers because of the material he was using. Instead, they were named because of the rubbing action involved in removing the unwanted letters, lines, and numbers. It was a further 70 years before Goodyear created something we might recognise as one of the first pencil erasers. 

The early pencil rubbers were nowhere near as durable as their modern counterparts, being prone to crumbling, sensitive to temperature, and even giving off a foul odour with each use. Thanks to innovations over the years, you'll be glad to hear that the pencil rubbers stocked by Avansas don't suffer from any of these problems and, with a few further tweaks, have turned into an essential item in any home, office, or classroom.



How do erasers work?


Pencil rubbers work in direct contrast to the way that pencils do. Graphite pencils can leave marks thanks to the fibres that make up the paper you're working on. Those fibres trap graphite particles, which are shed easily from a pencil's lead, leaving a mark behind it. The polymers that make up modern pencil erasers are stickier than the fibres in the paper, causing the graphite to be picked up with each stroke, almost like a magnet picking up iron filings.



Risk-free pencil rubbers


Over the years, the technology surrounding the manufacture of erasers has evolved. Until only relatively recently, pencil rubbers were made using phthalates. These have been linked to certain health conditions, including particular cancers, ADHD, and even male fertility problems. Phthalates were initially used to give erasers the flexibility and softness associated with their name. In addition, polyvinyl chloride was used for the same reason, which has also been linked to a number of health problems. On top of that, the manufacture and use of these products have been found to be harmful to the environment. Browse our collection of pencil rubbers, and you'll find the vast majority have been made without these chemicals, allowing you to use them freely and without worrying about harming the planet or your physical well-being.



How to choose erasers


When choosing erasers, look for those that aren't abrasive to paper. Whether you're drafting a report or doing homework, ensuring that your drawings or notes look their best can be significant. The Avansas pencil rubbers are non-abrasive, so you won't end up with any unnecessary pits or unsightly scrub marks on your paper. In addition, it's also worth looking for pencil erasers that don't leave 'crumbs' behind. If you're going through piles of paperwork and have to rub out more mistakes than you'd like, these fragments of rubber can very quickly mount up, making your desk look a mess and even damaging other papers. We stock a selection of specially formulated 'dust-free' options, which leave little or no residue behind them. However, many of our standard products have been designed without the use of silica, which was the compound responsible for the earliest versions crumbling so quickly. Instead, we supply rubbers that are durable, easy to use, and ergonomic. 

Whether buying in bulk for your business or buying single pencil erasers for yourself, we offer a range of delivery options. Check them out to see which one best suits your needs, and you could receive your order in as little as 24 hours.