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What should be considered when buying a pocket calculator?


It is important to purchase a pocket calculator that is best suited to your individual needs and is designed to carry out the necessary functions that you need to be processed. Customers should be sure to take various steps in investigating the following requirements:


  • Power: The various Casio personal calculators on offer each come with differing power functions and settings. From dual-powered devices that function for an extended amount of time to solar powered ones that can store and use solar energy, Avansas has it all. Not only does Avansas supply these differing power solutions, but devices like the Casio SL-320TER 12-Digit Pocket Calculator even have an auto power off function, saving the battery for your device for even longer!


  • Function: Each of the pocket calculators on offer come with different functions and systems that make it a unique device. Whilst looking at the different pocket calculator options, customers are urged to thoroughly investigate the differing functions of each device in order to find the pocket calculator that has the operations that best suit your individual needs.


Are pocket calculators useful?


Yes - pocket calculators are extremely useful and can be used in many different situations. Whether it's at home, in the office or even at school, Casio pocket calculators can be used anywhere and at any time! Casio is a trusted proprietor of pocket calculators and is a reliable brand that you can trust to produce devices of the highest quality. Not only are these devices created from the most durable products but they are designed to be user friendly and versatile in functioning. Both Avansas and Casio know and understand that user friendliness is a very important factor when using a desk calculator. Whether it’s using a device for complex calculating at work or working out the grocery budget for the month at home, calculators need to be designed to  function practically. Each of the calculators on offer from Avansas have been  created with easy functionality at the forefront of the design!


What types of calculations can be done with pocket calculators?


Each of the pocket calculators on offer come with a variety of functions that can be performed easily and efficiently. The following are just a few product features associated with each device on offer by Avansas:


  • Casio HL-820VER 8-Digit Pocket Calculator: The HL-820VER comes with an 8 digit display and an independent memory system. This device is a compact pocket calculator with functions such as Euro conversion and percentage calculations, making it a device that is suitable for everyday use.


  • Casio SL-320TER 12-Digit Pocket Calculator: The Casio SL-320TER pocket calculator is a dual powered, 12 digit calculator with currency conversion tax calculations and profit margin percentages. The device is also fitted with features such as euro conversion, sign change function, command signs, 4 constants, 3 key memory and auto power off.


  • Casio HS-8VA Pocket Calculator: This pocket calculator is a Large 8 digit device fitted with plastic keys. The various functions associated with this device include: percent key , +/- sign change, MU key, square root, dual power, silver casing and it comes with an exterior wallet flip for added protection.


  • Casio SL-300SV Solar 8-Digit Pocket Calculator: This model SL-300SV has a 8 digit display with 3 key memory. It is suitable for everyday use and is fitted with solar battery power, a metal protective cover and non-stick plastic cover.


Are pocket calculators sold by Avansas of good quality?


Avansas offers products that are of the highest quality, sold at the most competitive prices. The personal calculators sold by Avansas are durable and long-lasting devices that are designed to endure an extended life-span. Each pocket calculator on offer is built and designed with a casing that is capable of withstanding transportation and extended periods of use. The Casio HL-820VER 8-Digit Pocket Calculator comes with its own non- removable extra casing for further protection of the device!


When purchasing a product on  Avansas, you are receiving a guarantee that the product is of the highest quality and is something that you can rely on. From division to square root calculations, Avansas has the pocket calculator device that is best for you! With all of these impressive features built into one small, compact and durable case, you will never have to worry about not having the right tools to calculate.


How much do pocket calculators cost?


Though our prices are competitively structured, Avansas knows that we supply a wide variety of customers and therefore we offer a multitude of products at different pricing scales. When purchasing a pocket calculator, be sure to look for the option that best suits your individual needs. We have a wide variety of options that come in at many different pricing points and so one should be sure to compare prices and product descriptions to find the product that best suits your own needs, both economically and in performance requirements.


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Avansas is an online platform that takes the security of our users very seriously. One of the main advantages that you receive when using Avansas is that you receive a guarantee on the safety, security and anonymity of your personal and banking information. Online shopping with Avansas is as safe and secure as you can get, with end to end encryptions, 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment infrastructures, your security is guaranteed! For any issues that may emerge or any questions that you may need answered, feel free to contact us at any time! Our team of client service agents is ready and waiting to make sure that your online shopping experiences live up to your best expectations.