Pocket Calculators

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Pocket Calculators


Your phone’s calculator doesn’t always quite cut it. The battery can die, the application can crash and, with an easy slip of the finger, you can lose all your progress. A reliable, affordable calculator is essential for many everyday tasks, and having a pocket calculator close by is never a bad idea. Compact but powerful, Avansas’s small calculators have mighty computing potential.


On-the-Go Computing

Many of us have active, on-the-go lifestyles, which means portability and convenience are key when it comes to choosing technology for everyday use. Our pocket calculators are designed to be effortlessly carried from A to B. They’re lightweight, compact and will fit perfectly in your jacket pocket, laptop bag or briefcase. Benefiting from a slim profile, these sturdy machines are sleek and practical.


Power in Your Hands

Despite their size, our mini calculators pack a big punch when it comes to their functionality. For basic mathematical calculations, pocket calculators by Avansas provide simple and intuitive operations. With large, easy-to-read displays, these devices make it easy to solve simple problems. Perfect for everyday use, they are ideal companions for professionals who need quick calculations on the fly.


Limitless Calculating Capabilities

Choose one of our small calculators, and you’ll never have to think about battery life. Our solar-powered machines are the perfect problem-solving companion for those who lead busy lives. Never find yourself without power, or trying to figure out which battery replacement you need. Recharged with natural light, our range of solar-powered calculators offers limitless calculation opportunities.


Enhance Your Productivity

Allowing you to make quick calculations between meetings or on the commute to work, the pocket calculator is an indispensable tool. Our full line of mini calculators prioritises intuitive interfaces and ergonomic button layouts to ensure ease of use, and their clear displays make it easy to understand results at a glance. Providing direct, responsive calculation in the palm of your hand, these devices are built to meet the demands of daily use.


Invest in Convenience

Pocket calculators offer powerful mathematical computing power at an affordable price point. Purchasing a calculator is all about investing in convenience with a handy tool that won’t let you down. We offer multiple colours and styles from the brands we’ve trusted for a lifetime, including Casio and Aurora. Browse our selection of mini calculators to find the perfect piece of equipment for you.