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Paper Hole Punches


As with any new office or workplace accessory, it’s always worth considering what you’re going to be using it for. Taking a little time to think about the tasks in hand will help you choose the right hole punches. If you’re a little unsure as to the type of paper hole punch you might be looking for, here’s a quick guide that should give you all the information you need.



How much punch do you need?


The first thing to consider is how many documents or pieces of paperwork that you might need to punch at any one time. Our collection of hole punches offers those that will punch around 20 sheets in one sitting to heavy duty models that will deal with up to 100 pages at once. If your office or workplace needs are on the lighter end of the spectrum, look for a more lightweight model.

However, if you need to get through piles of papers on a daily basis, something with a bit more ‘oomph’ is probably going to serve you better. Each of photos of the paper punches on our website is accompanied by a detailed product description, which will let you know the maximum capacity of the version you’re looking at.



Punching green


A serious consideration for businesses is being mindful of their carbon footprint. While you might not think that a paper hole punch would have any green credentials, we stock a selection that tick all the eco-friendly boxes. Browse our range and you’ll find hole punches made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). ABS is plastic recycled from items such as car parts, plastic sheeting, and even shower trays.

Despite being made from reclaimed and recycled materials, these perform just as well as their less-green counterparts. Communicating your commitment to the environment can be an important factor for your customers, staff, and colleagues. Choosing a paper hole punch that has minimal impact on the planet can be one of many little details that lets people know that you take your eco-credentials seriously.



Metal or plastic?


Next on your list should be looking at what your chosen single hole punch or paper hole is made from. Typically, they’re constructed from either plastic or metal. Plastic hole punches tend to be on the smaller side and are better suited to smaller piles of paper of around 20 sheets at a time. However, if you’re punching more on a regular basis, metal paper punches are probably what you’re looking for. While plastic punches are lighter and easier to use, metal punches offer that extra boost when it comes to dealing with piles of paper that are going to offer more resistance.



Punching without effort


Similarly, the way a paper hole punch is built will have an impact on what you’re dealing with. If you only deal with a few sheets at a time, hole punches with shorter arms give enough leverage to put those holes just where you want them without too much effort. When you’re dealing with larger piles of paper, paper punches with longer arms increase the pressure you’re placing on the sheets without you having to exert yourself. In short, the smaller the task, the smaller the punch. If there are more than 20 sheets to punch through, the longer the punching arm that you press on, the less energy you’ll have to use. Our hole punches are chosen for their ease of use and their ability to take the strain out of what could otherwise be a tiring job.



The aesthetics of punching


However, when we choose our punches, we’re not just thinking about practicality. The overall look and feel of a workplace can have a huge effect on how it’s perceived by your customers and staff. We offer a range of paper punches in a range of styles, colours, and materials.

If you work in a creative environment, a paper hole punch made from coloured plastic helps to uphold the air of fun and spontaneity that might be essential to your work. If your workplace is more formal, look for those that are designed with minimalism in mind. Darker colours tend to work better in these environments, letting your clients know that you take their custom and business as seriously as they do.



The ‘hole’ truth


When it comes to thinking about hole punches, most of us tend to think of the traditional two-hole version. However, there are occasions where a single hole punch is called for. In office environments, this could mean punching the corner of a document, to make it easier for the recipient to read. A single hole punch is a versatile tool and has plenty of applications beyond the office such as for punching tickets, adding eyelets, or for use in art and craft projects.

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