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Hole Punches

A hole punch is a type of desktop office supply that punches holes needed for filing documents. It is also known as a perforator.

Hole punches, which resemble staplers, have a completely different working principle. Staplers join paper with staples, while hole punchers punch holes necessary for them to come together. Hole punches, an indispensable office supply, aim to provide convenience to people by punching holes to place papers into folders.

Hole punches are used as follows: Fold an A4 size paper in half and mark the centre. Align the centre with the arrow on the hole punch and push down on the grip. This way, you punch two holes on the paper and now you have a paper ready to be placed in a folder. You can easily place this paper into an archiving product such as files and folders or into a punch pocket to save for later.

Hole punches are used for many documents to be archived at workplaces. However, hole punches became diversified due to the increasing number of paper. Because it takes time to punch papers one by one and you fall behind the schedule. Hole punches that could punch only 20 to 30 sheets at once have undergone a real change and now you can punch up to 100 pages at once using heavy duty hole punches and make your documents ready for filing.

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