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Office Stationery Supplies

If you're trying to put together a list of office stationery supplies, then it's worth starting with your desk. While offices tend to be groups of people working together for the good of the company, most workers will spend more time at their workstations than they will collaborating. Once you've weighed up the office stationery items each staff member will need for their tasks, you'll be able to see which ones they'll need to function as a team. Let's look at the business stationery supplies that qualify as desktop essentials.



Back to basics


While the particulars of desktop essentials will vary from business to business, there are some basics that even the most innovative companies can't do without. Using your desk as a starting point, try and work out what those things are, which ones run out quickest and which ones you might be able to cut back on. Stripped down, a list of the absolute musts of office stationery supplies tends to look like this:

    • • Writing instruments. While computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and emails might spearhead the movement toward paperless offices, there's always going to be the need to scribble a note, a reminder, or a message. Without pens or pencils, you won't be able to sign cheques, authorise contracts, or get as far as writing a birthday card to a member of staff.


    • • The lion’s share of paper in the 21st Century office tends to be used for printing purposes. However, while you might have suitable writing instruments, they're fairly redundant unless you've got something to write on. Rather than having loose leaves of notes cluttering your desk, notepads and notebooks allow you to keep your notes contained and easily accessible. For that professional edge, office stationery items such as our Le Color Kraft Notebook look the part in meetings and conferences. However, if you’re looking for something to jot down quick details on, something like the Pukka Pad Reporters Shorthand Pad is convenient but with a flash of style. Don't forget the versatility offered by sticky notes. An essential in brainstorming sessions or for collating ideas before you condense them, they're easy to use and dispose of.


    • • Whether you’re displaying something on a noticeboard, assembling thoughts in a presentation, or mapping out a marketing campaign, drawing pins and push pins are one of the most overlooked essential business stationery supplies. At Avansas, we offer an extensive range of these miniature marvels, from colour-coded push pins to those that allow you to display things in a minimalist and professional manner.


    • • Although most of our documents are stored on computers or in the cloud, there is still a necessity for paper documents. While presentation ring binders are a superb solution for filing and storage, sometimes you need to present colleagues and customers with something quick, convenient, and easy to read. In this case, there's no school like old-school and paperclips and fasteners can give you the chance to create a document quickly, even if you’re working against the clock.


    • • Keeping tabs on your time is one thing that 21st Century tech can’t do for you. While most of our computers, laptops and other smart gadgets can tell you the time and set alerts, there’s evidence to suggest that writing things down improves memory recall and allows you to manage your time more effectively. If you need to ensure that you make that meeting or submit that document without missing a deadline, diaries, calendars, and planners are a superb way to keep your eye on the clock. In addition, if you choose one of our planners, such as the Sasco Year Planner, you can keep tabs on where you are and what's going to happen further down the line. On top of that, using one of these office stationery items allows the entire office to see what's happening and when.




Beyond the confines of the office


There is an office environment that often goes overlooked. School offers an insight into the working world, with tasks set on a daily basis. However, without the right office stationery, their jobs become that much harder, hampering their abilities to complete work set in the classroom and at home. At Avansas, we place as much value on younger industrialists as those who've achieved active employment. Browse our selection of office stationery supplies, and you'll find plenty of dedicated school supplies. As any office worker will know, having the right tools for the job makes everything a little easier.

Although these might not qualify as traditional business stationery supplies, they can be just as important to students as those who need the right equipment to see them through their working day. Choosing something along the lines of the Helix Ultimate School Set or the Oxford Filled Pencil Case can mean the difference between falling behind on schoolwork and having everything to hand to tackle the day's latest challenge. While you might be buying from Europe's leading office essentials and accessories supplier, we can still offer you the best prices and delivery options for one-off purchases or bulk buys.

Ensuring that you, your staff, and even your child has access to the best office stationery supplies is the oil that greases the wheels of industry and commerce. With everything you need in one place, Avansas is the perfect one-stop shop for all the essentials you need - and all those little extras that make the wheels turn a little faster.