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Luxury Notebooks


Whether you use them for professional or personal purposes, our range of premium notebooks helps to ensure that your writing is clear and that different notes are easy to separate. Sleek and sophisticated, these luxury notebooks are just as at home in the boardroom as at your bedside desk. Choose from hardcover and softcover notebook versions according to your needs, and look out for all the little extras that our high-end notebooks offer.



Hardback premium notebooks


Hardcover luxury notebooks are ideal in situations where presentation is all important. From taking notes in meetings to creating a bespoke diary, they offer strength and durability. Because of this, they're the better choice if you need to archive your notes. With hardcover bindings, hardcover premium notebooks can be placed on bookshelves and will withstand the wear and tear of repeated retrieval. The sturdy cover also offers a solid writing surface, even if you balance your book on your knee.



Softcover luxury notebooks


However, a softcover notebook comes with its own advantages. Typically, a softcover notebook is lighter than its hardbound counterparts. In addition, because the cover is flexible, it's perfect for packing into less-forgiving bags and suitcases. These premium products make the ideal record for notes on the go, in addition to making superb journals, particularly for those who like to travel. The bendable cover also makes flipping through pages that much easier, which can be incredibly useful if you need to find a specific page quickly and efficiently.



Between the covers


To make finding notes even easier, you'll find that many of our products come with numbered pages. In addition, so that your notes are easy to read, they are lined from edge to edge. You'll notice that, unlike many notebooks, most don't sport a margin. While you may remember them from school as the dreaded space in which teachers would write notes about your homework, they were originally invented for another purpose. During the 17th Century, when paper had to be collated by hand, margins were introduced as sacrificial lambs for the mice and rats who discovered a penchant for the taste of parchment. However, in the 21st Century, we're long past those days, and while margins can help to centre your work, they also take up writing space. Our luxury notebooks allow you to make the most of your writing space, making them excellent value for money.



Notebooks with green credentials


Browse our collection of premium notebooks, and in the descriptions of some of them, you'll find the words 'PEFC-certified.' This lets you know that the paper has been sourced from forests that have been responsibly managed in line with economic, social, and environmental requirements. If a commitment to the planet is important to you, your customers or your colleagues, our range of luxury notebooks can help you communicate it in even the smallest of details.

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