Board Backed Envelopes

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Board Backed Envelopes


When it comes to posting paperwork and keeping it as pristine as possible, there’s little to beat the protection provided by board backed envelopes, also known as ‘do not bend’ envelopes. More rigid than their standard counterparts, these envelopes are reinforced by a layer of cardboard, which helps keep your documents flat.

For further protection, each one is printed with ‘Please Do Not Bend,’ in eye-catching red. For e-commerce businesses and those who regularly send out marketing communications, postage can cost significant sums. At Avansas, we’ve sourced the best quality hard back envelopes, and offer them to our customers at extremely competitive prices.



Size matters


As the mailing needs of each business are different, we’ve made sure that our collection of hard back envelopes contains a range of sizes. Plus, you’ll find them available in different paper densities. Denoted by grams per square metre (gsm), the higher the gsm, the denser the paper used in the manufacture of the envelope. With ‘Peel and Seal’ self-adhesive sealing flaps, these board backed envelopes are easy to use, helping to save both time and money. Choose from white and manilla-coloured do not bend envelopes, to ensure that your packaging looks as professional as your business.



Benefits of buying from Avansas


For those keeping an eye on their carbon footprints, you’ll find many are made from recycled materials, allowing you to do your bit for the environment and communicate your commitment to your customers.

As Europe’s leading office supply brand, we’ve been supplying businesses and individuals with all their office needs, for over two decades. Whether you want a single pack of board backed envelopes or multiple packets to keep your stationery cupboard stocked up, we can offer next working day delivery. In addition, in the unlikely event that the hard back envelopes don’t meet your requirements, are damaged, or the wrong types were delivered, our Customer Service department will talk you through our easy returns’ procedure.