Laminating Pouches

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Laminating Pouches 

Whether you work from home or you're part of a busy office, the chances are that you'll need to laminate paperwork. From ID cards to presentation materials, laminated papers ensure that your paperwork, documents, and tags not only look the part but also deliver on the touchy-feely scale. On top of that, laminating papers - whether they're reports, articles, instruction cards or notices - gives them an extra lease of life, so no matter how much they're handled or whatever's spilt on them, they'll always appear pristine and presentable. Used in conjunction with laminating machines, plastic laminating sheets are the perfect way to keep your paperwork looking its absolute best. 

What are laminating pouches? 

From menus and luggage tags to regularly handled documents, plastic laminating sheets ensure that smudges, spills, smears, and fingerprints won't impede the access to information. In essence, laminating pouches are two sheets of specialist plastic. At one (or either) end, you'll find a layer of thermoactivated adhesive. Once these are fed into a laminating machine, the document will be completely sealed. Not only are plastic laminating sheets waterproof, but they’re also airtight, making them the ideal solution for preserving paperwork that might be needed in the future. 

Choosing laminating sheets might seem a bit tricksy, but by using our guide to choosing them, you can make the right decision first time around.  

How to choose the right plastic laminating sheets 

The first thing you'll need to consider is the number of microns involved. Microns are a measure of thickness, and as a rule of thumb, the higher the number of microns, the stiffer and sleeker the final product will look. However, you'll need to check with your laminator to be sure that it's got the appropriate heating capacity to deal with the sheets you're using. To help you make the right decision every time, you'll find that each of our laminating sheets is accompanied by a concise and information-rich description. Using these, you can be sure to choose the right plastic laminating sheets for the job. 

The right materials for the job 

Size is also important. While A4 might be the standard for laminating pouches and machines, at Avansas, we know that the need to keep paperwork protected extends well beyond the size we're all used to. As a result, not only do we offer A4 laminating pouches, but we also offer A3 laminating pouches. Although these are designed to accommodate sheets of the appropriate sizes, it’s also worth remembering that they’ll house documents and paperwork that are a touch smaller. 

Versatile plastic laminating sheets 

Paper lamination adds versatility to any workplace. Whether you're creating a menu in your restaurant, a checklist in your workplace or even a register in your school, the ability to wipe ink away can mean the difference between paperwork that carries mistakes and data that's accurate and amenable. In addition, whether you use A3 laminating pouches or A4 laminating pouches, ensuring that your documents and paperwork are sealed within an element-proof plastic housing is a great way to keep things clean and hygienic. If you work in an environment where the transfer of germs and viruses is a priority, keeping specific paperwork free from contaminants is easy. 

At Avansas, we know that choosing the right product can present a problem. However, follow a few simple guidelines, and you'll be able to buy just what you need. 

Choose the right laminating pouches with Avansas 

  • Size is everything. If your laminating machine is designed for A4 laminating pouches, then that’s the maximum size you should be thinking about. While it’s possible to feed in paperwork and documents that are smaller in size, you might need to break out the scissors to cut them down to size.
  • You'll also need to consider how the finished product looks. While a gloss finish offers protection against fingerprints, grease, and water, how you present your paperwork can significantly impact how it's received. Glossy laminating pouches allow for constant handling and repeated writing, while matte-finish plastic laminating sheets are best for situations where formality is a foremost consideration.
  • Using pouches embossed with the manufacturer's name can work for and against you. Should you choose to use laminating pouches that can be traced back to those who made them, then it can be worth ensuring that they are eco-friendly and recyclable - and in line with your sustainability goals. However, if you'd rather keep your allegiances quiet, you'll find that we offer an extensive range of plastic laminating sheets that are brand-free yet still provide the same levels of durability and protection that you'd expect from big-name brands.

As Europe’s leading supplier of office essentials and accessories, we offer an exciting range of laminating essentials. Because they're something no office or workplace should be without, we have a range of delivery options that could see you looking at your purchase as soon as the next working day. Avansas is committed to its customers, and we treat each order with the same levels of commitment, whether you're buying laminating pouches in bulk for your business or making a one-off purchase for yourself.