Padded & Bubble Envelopes

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Bubble Wrap Envelopes & Padded Envelopes



For any online business, the cost of packaging can chalk up significant sums. However, if you’re delivering items that require a degree of protection, there’s no option to skimp on quality. At Avansas, we offer an extensive selection of padded envelopes & bubble envelopes, to meet your business and budgetary needs.



What’s inside?


The outer layer of padded envelopes & bubble envelopes tends to be made of heavy-duty paper, or paperboard. Typically, these are either white or brown in colour, allowing you to choose the colour that best suits your business. The inner, protective layer is made from bubble-wrap, a series of air-filled domes that cushion the contents during transit. Many bubble wrap envelopes have self-adhesive seal flap, allowing quick and easy packaging.



Quality and quantity protective envelopes


As with all our envelopes, our padded and bubbled versions are available in a range of sizes and grams per square metre (gsm). For heavier items and those that need a little extra protection during transit, a higher gsm is recommended, as this reflects the density of the paper surround.

Similarly, we offer different-sized padded envelopes ranging from 110mm x 160mm, to much larger envelopes measuring, approximately, 470mm x 350mm. You’ll also notice we stock a selection of gold-coloured padded & bubble envelopes. These are ideal for home businesses, where the packaging needs to be as eye-catching as the products they contain. 

We estimate that using bubble wrap and padded envelopes can save up to 35% in postage costs, making them extremely economical to use. We offer ours in packs containing a minimum of ten, and a maximum of 100. Typically, the more protective envelopes per pack, the less you are paying per item. Additionally, whether you want a single pack of envelopes or want to buy in a range of sizes, we can provide next working day delivery and extremely competitive pricing.