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Business Cash Handling Products


If your business handles money on a daily basis, invest in technology that can help you save time, money and even prevent you from falling foul of counterfeit cash. Our selection of money-handling devices includes everything from safe and sturdy cash boxes to coin-counting machines. Easy to use, dependable, and robust, they're perfect for any environment where organisation and security are equally important.


Coin sorters

While credit and debit cards are taking the spotlight as the preferred methods of payment, there are still plenty of situations in which cash is still king. However, for retailers and those who deal with pounds and pennies on a daily basis, processing and recording those transactions can be time-consuming. A coin counting machine allows you to get the job done as quickly as possible while ensuring you keep accurate records of the cash coming in.

A typical coin counting machine uses sensors to assess the diameter and thickness of the coins before separating them into appropriate chambers. Alongside the photo of each coin counting machine, you'll find a product description. These will allow you to check out the finer details of the device that catches your eye, from the coin capacity of the hopper to the speed with which it can sort coins. Using these details, you can ensure that you choose the right coin sorter for you.


Counterfeit money detectors

Counterfeit money detectors are another essential when handling money. According to the Bank of England, there are almost 100,000 fake banknotes in circulation in the UK at any one time - to the tune of around £1.7 million. Using powerful UV lamps, counterfeit money detectors highlight UV-reactive materials that are integrated into genuine notes. Should a note not react as it should, you can be sure that you're dealing with something that's possibly counterfeit. Not only do these machines speed up the process of checking notes, but it also makes the process more accurate, removing the potential for human error.

Similarly, our thermal printing machines make short work of recording hard copies of transactions, receipts, and accounting records. Again, having minimised the potential for mistakes, you can be sure that your results are accurate and up to date.


Keeping cash safe

Once the cash has been verified by one of our counterfeit money detectors or has been separated and accounted for using a coin sorter, it needs to be stored safely. Our cash boxes are robust and dependable enough to keep your cash safe at all times. With a variety of locking options available, you can choose the cash box that best suits the needs of your business, whether you're dealing with petty cash or handling large amounts of money.

As Europe’s leading supplier of business accessories and essentials, we offer our customers the best products at the best prices. Whether you need cash boxes for smaller sums or counterfeit money detectors to improve your levels of security, we treat every order with the same standards of care and attention. With a range of delivery options available, you could receive your order in as little as 24 hours.