Tea & Hot Drinks

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Tea & Coffee Supplies


Serve up the perfect cuppa to colleagues or guests with our hot beverage supplies. We have a variety of teas, coffees and other hot drinks to keep your workplace stocked with options for everyone to enjoy. Our range of tea and coffee supplies has something for all hot beverage drinkers, including classic English Breakfast tea, herbal and fruit teas, instant coffee and hot chocolate. Have hot drinks on hand in the office kitchen for the ultimate breaktime pick-me-up or as a warm welcome for visitors during events and meetings. 



Speciality Teas


Our range of speciality teas has something for everyone’s tastes, including black tea, green tea, mint tea, Earl Grey and an array of other fruity and herbal blends. Many of our teas come in both caffeinated and decaf varieties to suit your preference, and can be purchased as either a small individual box or a larger multi-pack for convenience and cost-saving on your hot beverage supplies.



Premium Coffee


Any coffee drinker knows the power of a good brew. That’s why our range of tea and coffee supplies includes coffee options to help you breeze through the workday. Our coffees are specially selected for taste and come in various sizes. A pack of freeze-dried coffee can be the ideal addition to any work environment, thanks to its versatility and long-term shelf life. Enjoy it black or with a splash of milk during a work break or busy morning to give you an energy boost and a burst of concentration. 



Hot Beverages


If you’re not a tea or coffee drinker, our hot beverage supplies still have plenty of treats for you. Our hot beverages include a wide range of teas and coffees alongside other options such as warming hot chocolate. Available in individual sachets or as larger packs, tea and coffee alternatives such as hot chocolate can bring welcome variety to your hot beverage supplies and brighten up your tea and coffee supplies cupboard. 

With our range of drinks, stocking up your kitchen has never been more simple. Avansas offers quick door-to-door delivery with one-day delivery available on a wide variety of office food and drink supplies.