Tea & Hot Drinks

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Tea and Hot Drinks

Tea, the most popular and most consumed beverage in the world, has a special place in the United Kingdom. Consumed cold or hot at any time of the day, tea is indispensable, especially for breakfasts and evening snacks.

What Is Tea, How Is It Produced?

With its history of 5,000 years, tea was first used by the Chinese. The plant, which was used only for medical purposes first, became a popular beverage with its unique aroma and flavour. Tea, that has two most popular types, green and black, is grown in regions where rain falls throughout the year and the weather is cool. After harvesting and storing come to the production. Harvested green tea leaves are left to wither at the right temperature. The withering process, which can be physical or chemical, is the most important step of production. Physical withering reduces the amount of water in the plant and this way, leaves are dried and curled. As the amount of water decreases, buds gain flexibility and do not break into pieces. The permeability of buds also increases during this step. Chemical withering, on the other hand, is a more technical method than physical withering that also aims to reduce the amount of water in the plant. Natural and controlled withering are also popular methods.

According to the World Tea Report, an average of 1.94 kg of tea is consumed per person annually in the United Kingdom. Along with Turkey, Afghanistan, Libya and Qatar, the United Kingdom is one of the countries that produce and consume the most tea in the world.

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Tea?

Here are the benefits of tea thanks to the vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds it contains:

  • Regardless of the type of tea, drinking four cups of tea every day maintains heart health.
  • As it helps prevent cancer, people in the risk group consume tea frequently.
  • The chemicals in black tea improve bone health.
  • Teas eliminate the risk of diabetes and help you look after your health.
  • Since it is a hot beverage, it also improves your oral health.
  • Tea reduces stress and boosts the immune system, and therefore is highly recommended by tea brands.
  • It is scientifically proven that tea makes people happy. It is also believed to be energising and preferred by many as an energy drink.
  • As it is also good for the digestive system, you will not suffer from indigestion any more.

How Best to Brew Tea

  • Brewing is an important step to enjoy drinking tea and hot drinks. When not brewed properly, tea may taste or smell bad. Thanks to budget-friendly loose tea prices, you can enjoy your tea.
  • After purchasing the tea and hot drinks you like, you should clean your pot before brewing.
  • Make sure there is no residue left in the pot. Then, determine for how many people you are going to brew tea.
  • Add some water according to the number of people who're going to drink tea, and make sure you do not fill more than two-thirds of the large pot. Then leave it to boil. Do not use tap water.
  • Drinking water improves the taste.
  • When water boils, add seven-eight dessert spoons of tea to the small pot and add enough boiled water from the large pot.
  • Add more water to the large pot and lower the heat. Your tea will be ready in 5 to 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Which Tea Is Best for You?

  • Tea should impress people with its smell and appearance even when it is dry.
  • The quality of tea should be the same whether it is a tea bag or loose tea.
  • Regardless of the price, tea leaves should be wide and large.
  • Consider how many people are going to drink, when adding tea to the pot.
  • Make sure cup tea bags are appropriately packed.
  • Tea may have small leaves but it should not be in the form of powder.
  • When brewed properly, water becomes crimson red right away.
  • Tea of high quality can be infused for a second time.
  • Tea should not include any twigs whether it is loose tea or tea bag.
  • If tea leaves do not come to bits when brewed with tea makers, then you have quality tea.
  • People usually prefer tea and hot drinks when they are at home or at the office. Tea bags allow faster and easier brewing.
  • If there is plenty of time and a teapot available, people prefer loose tea.
  • If you enjoy flavours of bergamot and mint, you can prefer aromatic teas.

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