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Cutting Scissors


Cutting scissors are an indispensable tool in every office, workplace and home. They enable us to resize pages, combine documents and cut through a range of materials. Whether you are a fan of scrapbooking or regularly chop paper up at work, cutting scissors get the job done with minimal fuss. Similarly, paper cutters play a key role in streamlining workflow, ensuring you can cut larger quantities of paper down to size.



What types of cutting scissors are there?


There are many different types of scissors, each suited to a particular task or role. You can find scissors for general paperwork, sewing and food preparation, for instance. However, in the world of stationery, there are two main types:


Paper scissors

These are probably the most common type of cutting scissors. You will find them everywhere and we use them regularly in both our personal and professional lives. While we usually call them paper scissors, you can also use them to cut other materials such as plastic and nylon. Although they have a robust design, they are not suitable for cutting harder materials.


Metal scissors

Metal scissors are generally preferred in the clothing industry. These scissors, which have an ideal structure for cutting fabric, are very strong because they are made from metal. Metal scissors are typically more heavy-duty than paper scissors and make lighter work of tougher materials.



What type of paper cutters are there?


Paper cutters are produced in both electronic and manual models. High-capacity electronic paper cutters tend to be employed in busier workplaces that deal with vast amounts of paper, such as printing houses. Manual machines are more suited to home use and offices where paper cutting occurs less regularly.

As well as distinguishing between manual and electronic models, you can also separate paper cutters by the cutting mechanism. Two types are particularly popular: rotary paper cutters and guillotine paper cutters.


Rotary paper cutter

Rotary cutters feature a sliding box that the user can adjust to set the desired cutting shape. With this device, you can cut paper in multiple ways, including jagged, wavy and serrated edges. Of course, you can also go for a perfectly straight cut. The blade, located under the rotary mechanism, performs the cutting process.


Guillotine paper cutter

Guillotine paper cutters work with a lever mechanism. The user lines up the paper and pulls down on the handle to move the guillotine blade through the documents. Guillotine cutters are capable of processing large quantities of documents in one go.

Thanks to the effective mechanism of paper cutters, you can cut paper neatly and effortlessly. These devices normally allow you to cut to different sizes, so you can easily adapt your approach to achieve an A4, A5, A6 or A7 cut. This is usually facilitated via sliding guides and grid designs on the paper cutter.



What scissors and paper cutters features should you look out for?


When choosing scissors or a paper cutter, the most important thing is that it meets your needs and is suited to the kind of cutting you intend to do. With this in mind, consider how much paper you are likely to cut and what kind of features you need.

Beyond this, you want to look for products that meet the following criteria:

  • • Manufactured by a trusted brand
  • • Easy to use
  • • Non-slip and ergonomic grips
  • • The ability to cut easily without too much force
  • • Safety features that prevent personal harm
  • • Durability and longevity



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