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What are Scissors & Paper Cutters and what do they Fdo?


Scissors are an indispensable tool in every office, workplace and home. In fact, scissors are an auxiliary tool that have been used for centuries in human history. As seen in the ruins of ancient civilizations, people used the designs closest to the scissors used today in former times. Scissors used for medical purposes and weaving in ancient times are very diverse and serve different purposes today.


According to the dictionary meaning, scissors are defined as a tool consisting of two sharp blades and used to cut what is put between these blades. Scissors are generally preferred for smaller tasks and for daily use. Besides, manually breaking off large amounts of paper can be pretty time-consuming. Therefore, paper cutters are used in professional business life. 


Paper cutters are produced in different models, including electronic and manual. High-capacity electronic paper cutters are used in workplaces such as printing houses. However, manual machines are also very suitable for places such as offices and workplaces.


Thanks to the effective mechanism of paper cutters, you can cut papers neatly and effortlessly. This device is commonly used to cut paper in A4, A5, A6 and A7 sizes. According to your purpose, you can choose between scissors and paper cutters in Avansas' vast product range. 


What types of Scissors & Paper Cutters are there?


There are different types of scissors depending on what they are going to be used for. Scissors, such as paper scissors, metal scissors, heart paper cutters, metal cutting scissors, and decorative paper edge scissors, serve different purposes. Likewise, paper cutters have different types that are used for different purposes. You can choose the one that suits your needs among A3 paper cutter, A4 paper cutter, A2 paper cutter, rotary paper cutter and guillotine paper cutter.


Paper Scissors


The most commonly used scissors type is scissors for paper. We often prefer paper scissors in our daily lives and business life. You can use them for surfaces such as plastic and nylon as well as paper. Although they have a robust design, these scissors are not suitable for cutting hard materials.


Metal Scissors


Metal scissors are generally preferred in the clothing industry. These scissors, which have an ideal structure for cutting fabric, are very strong because they are made of metal. Also, some metal scissors are used to cut hair.


Rotary Paper Cutter


This type of paper cutters works with a rotary system. The desired cutting shape is set inside the sliding box. With this device, you can cut paper in multiple ways, including jagged, wavy, serrated and straight. The blade, located under the rotary mechanism, performs the cutting process. The platform underneath has the necessary scales and dimensions for cutting.


Guillotine Paper Cutter


Guillotine paper cutters work with a lever mechanism. Handles are specially produced for different paper types and it has the ability to cut multiple papers in one go. In addition, guillotine paper cutters are produced with the necessary safety equipment to avoid any problems during use.


How to Use Scissors & Paper Cutters?


Scissors are very easy to use. All you have to do is put the product you want to cut between the scissors and then apply pressure from both sides. Paper cutters are a little more complicated to use. When using these devices, occupational health and safety rules must be followed.


Putting your hand under the knife causes injuries, especially in systems with lever mechanisms. It will be safer for you to read the usage instructions before you start using the paper cutter. A cloth glove can be used in jobs with a large number of cutting operations and the risk of injury is reduced to zero.


What Are the Best Scissors & Paper Cutters Features?


The scissors and paper cutter you prefer should definitely meet the standards. Quality and ergonomic products should be preferred to achieve perfect results every time and use them in a hassle-free way.


Paper cutter models and scissors in Avansas' product selection have ergonomic designs. A quality paper cutter allows you to cut easily without applying too much force with your hand. With the cutting mechanisms that are compatible with the structure of your hand, you can quickly cut a large number of papers in any size you want.


The features of quality paper cutters available in Avansas are:

  • Easy use.
  • Thanks to the non-slip structure of the platform, the papers are easily fixed and do not pose a danger.
  • Handles that provide an easy grip.


Why do scissors get dull?


When you use the scissors for a long time, the cutting edges will become blunt and lose their sharpness. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain proper results with a pair of dull scissors that have lost sharpness. When you use the knives in your home for a long time, your knives also lose their sharpness. In this case, you can sharpen your knives by using a knife sharpening tool in your kitchen and you can have your knives regain their old sharpness. Likewise, there are some methods used to make scissors sharp again.


How to sharpen scissors?


Sharpening scissors at home is not something most of us are familiar with. However, you do not need to be experienced for this unfamiliar procedure. If you have a knife sharpener in your home, you can easily sharpen your scissors and metal cutting scissors. Apart from the knife sharpener, you can also use sharpening sandpapers specially produced for scissors.


During the scissors sharpening process, you should be careful not to accidentally cut yourself and be careful to protect yourself. When sharpening scissors at home, it is very important to wear gloves and work on a surface such as a countertop to prevent the scissors from slipping and cutting you.


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