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Whether you need to make a professional presentation or buy a notebook for your child’s latest school project, we can provide you with a range of Wirebound notebooks and spiral notebooks with everything you need to complete the job. While our selection of notebooks has enough to cover all the bases, knowing which is better for your needs can help you get it right first.



A quick guide to Wirebound notebooks


Wirebound notebooks sport spines with rows of metal loops, typically made from a durable yet flexible wire. Notebooks like the Pukka Pad A5 Wirebound Notebook allow the page to be opened a full 360° without problems for easy notetaking, a versatile writing surface, and seamless removal of pages. 

Notebooks like these often have perforated pages or punched holes in the paper, making ripping or tearing a sheet quick and effective. As a result of the professional impression offered by their double-loop or comb binding, these notebooks are used against professional backdrops for both presentational purposes and taking notes.



A quick guide to spiral notebooks


While they’re similar at first glance, spiral bound notebooks are subtly different. Typically, an A4 spiral notebook or A5 spiral notebook will be bound using plastic coils at the left-hand side of the page. While spiral notebooks might not have the corporate edge espoused by their wirebound counterparts, what they lack in aesthetics is more than compensated for by their durability. Wirebound notebooks tend to wear out the paper after frequent and repeated use as they use metal for their binding. With the binding housed in smooth plastic, there’s far less likelihood of wear and tear against the pages in your notebook, making this type of notebook far more suited to classroom projects, casual notetaking, and arenas in which presentation isn’t an all-important consideration.



Notebooks for every occasion


However, what both Wirebound notebooks and Spiral bound notebooks have on their side is versatility. Each is available in hardback and paperback formats, giving your paperwork the best protection. Should you want to add a touch of contemporary chic to your office arsenal, check out notebooks such as the Europa Notemaker. An A4 spiral notebook, it offers a splash of colour in its satin-finish covers, and even the binding is a complementary colour. Similarly, the Pukka Bloom notebooks add an air of informality and fun to surroundings that might otherwise be staid and sterile.



Notes for the environment


An important part of any office, whether a traditional setup or a room requisitioned at home, is a commitment to the environment. Because we know that many of your customers, clients, and colleagues will have firm commitments, we offer a range of spiral and Wirebound notebooks with more than just a few green credentials. The Forever A5 Wirebound Notebook provides up to 120 pages of premium 90 gsm paper, with margins and ruled lines. However, this notebook has a secret: the paper is 100% recycled. On top of that, it’s certified by the prestigious Blue Angel group.

Blue Angel certification gives you peace of mind that what you’re buying isn’t costing the Earth and is awarded to products recognised as environmentally friendly. This certificate encompasses the entire life cycle of a product, from the sourcing of the raw materials to its packaging, marketing, and distribution.

With product descriptions accompanying all photos of our products, you’ll quickly find what you need. Whether buying in bulk or making a one-off purchase, check out our range of delivery options.