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Rollerball Pens & Gel Pens


If you want every mark you make to be as clear, consistent, and precise as possible, it might be time to think about what you're writing with. Our range of rollerball pens and gel pens gives you everything you need to ensure that the results will be of the highest quality every time you put pen to paper. Made by some of the biggest brands in the pen world, we offer rollerball gel pens that are as suitable for use in the classroom as they are in the office. With precision, reliability, and clarity at the heart of their design, they're an essential for everyone from students to CEOs.



Ballpoint or rollerball pens?


Even in the 21st Century, ballpoint pens are probably the most ubiquitous writing implements in any workplace. However, the main difference between these and rollerball pens is the ink they use. The ink in a standard ballpoint pen tends to be oil-based. As a thick and sticky liquid, this means that ballpoints are more prone to blotting and, if they've not been in use for some time, can be hard to 'start up.' 

By comparison, the ink in gel rollerball pens is more fluid, typically housing a pigment in a water-based solution. This means that rollerball gel pens offer a more free-flowing writing experience, with far less potential for 'blobbing.' As a result, they provide greater precision, making them the ideal choice for those who like to keep their handwriting as tidy as possible and those who use pens for drawing and sketching. If you choose to use these types of pens, it's important to remember to replace the cap when they're not in use. Because the carrier fluid is water-based, it does tend to dry out quicker than the oil-based alternative.



A precise and stress-free writing experience


The delivery system for rollerball and ballpoints is much the same. The body of the pen holds a reservoir for ink, which leads to a ball set in the nib of the pen. The ball becomes coated in ink during use, allowing you to write. However, because the ink in gel rollerball pens is thinner, it will enable the manufacturers to create finer nibs for finer work. Check out our range of gel pen sets, and you'll find pens available in a selection of thicknesses, allowing you to choose the right tools for the job. 

In addition, because the ink gel in these pens flows that much more feely, you'll find that less pressure is needed to make your mark. This makes gel rollerball pens superb for those who want to prevent the potential for repetitive strain injury caused by the excessive use of writing implements. For those already with the condition, pens of this sort help to reduce the stress and strain of writing, helping to keep pain at a minimum.



Coloured inks and refills


However, while rollerball pens tend to be used for signing documents and contracts, there's plenty of scope for those with artistic flair. With water acting as the carrier, there's a broader scope for using pigments in rollerball gel pens than in the traditional ballpoint. As a result, you'll find that we offer some superb gel pen sets containing gel pens in a variety of colours. To ensure you buy the ones you need, check out the descriptions that accompany each of our product photos. There you'll find everything you need to know about the pens that have caught your eye, including the width of the nib. 

While these pens are considered a one-off purchase, browse our range, and you'll find a selection of refillable models. In addition to the pens themselves, we also offer a variety of refills, which are easy to use and allow you to pick the colours that best suit your needs. You'll also find a series of 'clicker' rollerball pens. These remove the need to replace the cap. With one click of the button at the top of the pen, the nib retracts, preventing it from drying out and with no need to look for that all-important lid. 

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