Mouse & Keyboard Sets

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Keyboard & Mouse Sets


Whether you’re looking for a modern gaming keyboard and mouse for your games room or a simple mouse and keyboard for your office desk, the high-quality product range at Avansas has got both your business and personal needs covered.


Want to keep clutter down to a minimum? The wireless mouse and keyboard set is the perfect solution for all professional offices and home workstations. Innovative, compact and reliable, its keyboards are designed with a spill-proof keypad that’s resistant to liquids. The full sized, low profile keypad optimises productivity and provides easy access to your frequently used applications. Enjoy your cup of tea and biscuit at the desk without worrying about any spillages!


Sleek keyboards come paired with the ambidextrous mouse, giving you the option to use your right or left hand, for supreme all day comfort, together with a 1200 DPI for precise, controlled movements.


There’s no need to worry about data protection with our Bluetooth keyboard and mouse sets. Each has AES encryption technology that protects data from potential hackers. In addition, it's finished with a high tech USB receiver that provides a reliable connection for up to 10 metres away for both keyboard and mouse.


Exceptionally simple, sleek and practical, the mouse and keyboard sets available at Avansas are made from the highest quality materials and available at unbelievably low prices. Simply place your order today and receive free next day delivery for orders over £30. Work in true comfort and style with the right mouse and keyboard set - a modern day essential.