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Label Tapes


While larger businesses might be able to afford to outsource their label-printing requirements, for smaller businesses and the self-employed, label printers are the way forward. Convenient and easy to use, they allow you to print on demand and even customise your labels to create that all-important first impression to customers. However, they can be equally important in the home, helping to keep items organised. They don’t require inks and toners, like their larger counterparts. Instead, the secret behind these mighty little machines is label tape. At Avansas, you’ll find label tape supplies from a range of leading brands, including Dymo label tape, Brother label tape and more.



Thermal printing


Most of the label printers in our collection use thermal printing to create labels. This process is governed by a microprocessor, which heats up rows of tiny pins in the printhead. To give you an idea of how small the pins are, there’s one pinhead for each pixel printed. 

When the pins are heated, they melt the waxy resin used in the label tape to immediately transfer it to another surface. One of the main advantages of using printers of this sort is that you’re not restricted to printing on paper. Instead, you can print labels onto a variety of materials, including plastic, vinyl, polyester, and nylon.



Traditional labels


For those who want to print traditional, peel and stick labels, the Avansas collection contains label tape with self-adhesive backing. Once printed, the labels can be stuck to most clean and flat surfaces and when they need replacing, peeled off without leaving any unsightly residue behind. 

Advances in label-printing technology mean that you can also purchase label tape that uses 100% recycled material to create the product. These are assessed by the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure that all the materials used are from responsibly-managed forests.

Label printers can be an important part of any small or home business. We can offer next working day delivery on label tape to ensure that yours are always ready to roll. Shop our full range of Dymo label tape and Brother label tape today.