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Document Wallets


When you’re deciding which document wallets to buy, the first thing to do is consider what you’ll be using them for. While they might not be the most high-tech of office accessories, file folders are versatile and, in some cases, can outperform their electronic counterparts.



Plastic file folders


Plastic document folders are ideal for paperwork that needs extra protection or is being transported. Made from durable polypropylene, our range of plastic document wallets helps to keep all your notes and paperwork in one place, while keeping it safe from accidental contact with liquid. Secure poppers ensure that your notes are kept together but easy to open when you need to access your papers quickly. 

So that you know exactly which documents you’re carrying or looking at, many of our plastic file folders are made of transparent plastic, so you can see at a glance what’s inside. However, if you prefer to keep everything out of sight, we also offer a selection that are opaque, and even those with patterns and designs on the outer surfaces.



Using recycled plastic


Many people worry that the use of plastic has a negative impact on the environment. While these may be true of some polymers, our collection focuses on folders made from biodegradable polypropylene.  

Once they’ve served their time, they can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, we also offer a selection of plastic document folders made from up to 80% recycled materials. You’ll also find a few that are vegan-friendly, so you can ensure that anyone can use them regardless of their lifestyle choices.



Make your filing more efficient


One of the main advantages of using document wallets, whether they’re made from plastic or paper, is they make filing quick and convenient. Some have indexes printed directly onto the surface, while others come with pre-printed index stickers. Either way, you can use these to ensure that anyone using them can quickly work out which file folders they need to access before they’ve even opened them. 

We can also supply you with document wallets in assorted colours, making filing even easier. Colour-code them to your needs and you’ll know instantly which file you need.



Paper document wallets


Paper document wallets are better suited to storing paperwork in the office or at home, rather than being used to carry documents around. While they might not be waterproof, they’re sturdy and resilient enough to offer superb levels of protection to your documents. The folders we stock weigh in at between 250GSM and 290GSM, which puts them in the bracket of thick card. Card of this sort is heavyweight enough to be used to make business cards and book covers, making our selection of paper file folders strong enough to house even the most important documents. 

So that you’ve got enough room for all your notes and files, you’ll find that most of our wallets follow foolscap sizing. This means that they are slightly larger than standard A4 paper, ensuring that your sheets aren’t crumpled or damaged when putting them into or taking them out of the folder.  

In addition, you’ll find that our descriptions let you know just how much each wallet can hold so you can choose the right file folders for your needs.



Personnel document wallets


As well as blank and indexed paper document wallets, we also supply those that can be used for more specialist purposes. If you’re trying to streamline your human resource procedures and protocols, check out our personnel document folders. These are pre-printed on both sides, with details such as an employee’s name, address, salary record, and previous employers, allowing you to create a detailed and informative file on every member of staff in your organisation. Made from sturdy paper, they can be written on and incorporated into your human resource department’s filing system to create easy to read records.



Eco-friendly paper file folders


While paper document wallets might immediately appear to have greener credentials than plastic versions, there’s still the question of deforestation to consider. If it’s important to communicate your commitment to the environment to your customers and colleagues, browse our range for paper file folders made from 100% recycled materials.  

These are just as stylish and durable as document folders made from non-recycled paper, and they come with a significantly smaller carbon footprint. Many of the recycled paper folders we stock are certified by the Blue Angel group. This is an environmental certification awarded to products and services that show exceptional eco-friendliness. 

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