Disposable Cutlery

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What are the different types of disposable cutlery available for purchase?


When it comes to disposable cutlery, Avansas has an extensive range of products on offer from a variety of brands. Avansas offers both plastic and wooden options that come in all types of cutlery including forks, spoons and knives. The following are just a few of the brands, types and materials that are on offer at Avansas:


Plastic disposable cutlery sets


  • Ece Eco Disposable Plastic Spoon White Pack of 100: Save yourself from having to do the dishes after a crowded event with the disposable kitchenware offered by Avansas! The Ece Eco Disposable Plastic Spoon is an extremely practical product that is break-resistant and offers an effective disposable solution to any catering or workplace situations!


  • E Green White Plastic Fork Pack of 100: These plastic forks are strong enough to be effective and avoid breaking whilst being used as they are a heavy to medium weight which supplies rigidity and durability. This product is perfect for use at parties, outdoor events or in crowded work spaces.


  • Huhtamaki Premio Disposable Plastic Knife Clear Pack of 50: The high quality and durability of this disposable product eliminates occurrences of breakages and saves you from the hassle of washing the dishes while hosting guests. Huhtamaki offers practical and simple solutions to your disposable cutlery needs!


Wooden disposable cutlery sets


  • Birchwood Dessert Spoon Pack of 100: Disposable and eco-friendly, these dessert spoons offer a refined sense of rustic class to any event or work space. These wooden spoons are not only durable but they can be easily recycled after they have been used.


  • Birchwood Fork Pack of 100: When hosting your next catering event, consider the environment by using these eco friendly wooden disposable forks! When using these forks, users can expect a durable product that will provide an excellent one time use solution to your cutlery needs.


  • Birchwood Knife Pack of 100: This disposable knife pack will save you both time and money thanks to its easily disposable and eco-friendly structure. Whilst in use, this product provides a durable and stable cutlery solution while still being an environmentally friendly product.


Is using disposable cutlery considered hygienic?


One of the most important factors to consider in crowded environments and work spaces is hygiene. When using disposable cutlery sets in crowded environments, cleaning and reusing dishes becomes a thing of the past. With one time use products, there is less of a chance of germs and disease spreading within a group of people, making this a healthier and more hygienic product to use.


What should be considered when buying disposable cutlery?




Avansas offers a multitude of plastic cutlery products that each come with varying amounts within each offering. Avansas understands that we supply a large customer base who each have different needs when it comes to order size. It is for this reason that Avansas has created various offerings, each with different amounts, from low density to bulk, to satisfy the needs of every one of our users. Disposable cutlery can be purchased in amounts from as low as 50 per pack to as high as 100 per pack.


Environmentally friendly


For those users who are looking at purchasing disposable cutlery that is environmentally friendly, Avansas offers a range of birchwood products that are easily recyclable after use. Though these products are made out of wood, do not let that fool you into thinking they are not durable. These wooden disposable cutlery sets are incredibly strong and provide an excellent solution to one time use products. Users are encouraged to consider purchasing any of the assorted packs that are offered in this birchwood material for a more environmentally friendly solution to disposable cutlery.


What are the advantages of using disposable cutlery?


Through the use of disposable cutlery, both ease of use and low costs are large contributors to the increase in the popularity of these products. The following are just a few of the benefits one attains when using these disposable products:


  • Affordable: Using disposable knives and forks offers an affordable alternative compared to using standard cutlery within crowded spaces or office environments. Avansas offers the best when it comes to the prices of these disposable products and users can be sure that they are receiving value for money when buying any disposable spoons or other product from Avansas.


  • Easily recyclable: Unlike metal and glass crockery, recycling disposable cutlery is an extremely simple process. With our birchwood disposable cutlery packs, using these products emerge as an environment-friendly and healthier alternative compared to standard metal cutlery options.


  • No clean up needed: When using disposable spoons and forks, you are entirely eliminating the need for washing up. All you need to do when cleaning up disposable crockery is simply fold it up and discard it; it's as simple as that! Saving you both time and money is an extremely beneficial advantage when using disposable cutlery.


Is disposable cutlery economical?


When using plastic cutlery, you are not only saving on time but you are also saving on money! Never again will you have to face the hassle of buying and replacing that expensive cutlery that seems to always go missing from the office. Disposable cutlery offers an economical solution that never has to be washed or used again. Users can solve their cutlery woes by purchasing any of our affordable disposable knives and forks!


What are the disposable fork brands sold by Avansas?


Avansas adheres to only selling high quality products from the very best brands. When it comes to disposable cutlery packs, Avansas offers an array of carefully selected products that are each designed to supply our users with the very best disposable cutlery solutions. The brands on offer have been carefully vetted to ensure that only the best disposable fork products are sold by Avansas. The following are some of the brands that supply the disposable cutlery products that are sold:


  • Ece
  • E Green
  • Huhtamaki
  • Asorty