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Paint Marker Pens


Whether you need to get creative during a presentation, quickly write up some long-lasting notices, or want to take your artistic abilities to the next level, our selection of paint marker pens covers all the bases. Available in a range of colours, from standard black or white to bolder tones, such as yellow, red, and blue, our range caters to all your needs, whether professional or personal development.



Inks and paint markers


Paint markers, such as the Edding 751 Paint Marker Bullet Tip, employ inks containing aliphatic hydrocarbons. These organic compounds contain carbon and hydrogen atoms connected as a single chain. For those without chemistry degrees, this essentially means that the ink the marker pens produce can be applied to almost any surface, whether transparent or dark, consistently supplying easy-to-read results. In addition, inks of this sort are resistant to temperatures between 400°C and 1000°C. Not only does this make these paint pens ideal for use in environments where it might get a little warm, such as kitchens and restaurants, but it also makes them ideal for more industrial surroundings, such as the shipping and automotive industries in nuclear power plants.



Artistic paint marker pens


However, if you're buying with something more artistic in mind, check out the likes of the Uni-Ball Paint Marker. Without any sulphur or silicon present in the ink, these paint marker pens are free from odours while still being able to write on various surfaces, including paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, and stone. Offering clear and crisp colours, they're ideal for arts and crafts projects and for use on noticeboards. In addition, inks of this sort are resistant to smudging, moisture, and temperature extremes, so they're at home in various environments.

Browse our selection of paint markers, and you'll see each photograph accompanied by a short description. Often, this will mention the style of tips associated with the paint pens you're looking at. Knowing the difference between chisel-tipped paint marker pens and those with bullet or fine-liner tips can help you make the right choice the first time around.



Types of tips


Chisel-tipped paint marker pens are the thickest of the lot. As their name suggests, their tips are flat, broad, and with defined edges. These offer the chance to create thick and thin lines when you need things to be bold and confident. However, if you want to create fine detail, they may not be the pen for you. Chisel-tipped marker pens, such as the Uni-Ball PX-30 Chisel Tip Marker are better suited to depictions that need to be big and bold.

Bullet-tip marker pens like the Edding 750 offer a greater artistic licence, and you can achieve more defined detailing with the tip tapering into a thick point. However, if you're pulling all the stops out and want to create something that has as much resonance close-up as it does from a distance, then look for markers with fine tips, such as the Edding 780. These offer precision and the capacity to write or draw, safe in the knowledge that your work will be seen or read from a closer perspective.

You'll also find that certain marker pens don't need replacing as soon as the nib has started to fray. The Edding e-750 has a selection of replacement nibs to get the most from your purchase. Easy to remove and insert, these paint marker pens are ideal for those businesses keeping an eye on their budget.

With a variety of delivery options available, you could receive your selection of paint pens as soon as the next working day.