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Indoor & Outdoor Floor Mats


Whether you work from home or run a busy office, keeping your flooring looking its best can be expensive, particularly if you welcome guests, members of the public, and employees. Dirt and debris brought in from the outside can cause stains, scratches, and scuffs, ruining the look of your pristine floors. 

When it comes to entrance doors, indoor and outdoor floor mats help to add an aesthetic appeal, while serving a practical purpose. However, entrance mats aren’t the monopoly of front entrances. There may be rooms in your building where cleanliness and hygiene are of vital importance, or you might need them to serve more specialist purposes. Outdoor and indoor floor mats are an essential item for any home or workplace.


Keeping things clean

The most obvious kinds of indoor or outdoor floor mats are those on which people wipe their feet, scraping off any dirt they’ve accumulated. However, while these are more than adequate, there are specialist, dehumidifying entrance mats that keep your office cleaner. Made from polypropylene, they’re super absorbent, leaving shoes as dry as possible, In addition, they’re incredibly easy to clean and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. While they’re supremely practical, we offer indoor and outdoor floor mats in a range of shapes, styles, and colours, so you can choose the ones that best suit your working environment.


Specialist mats

Those who work in environments where there is an abundance of electronic or electric equipment may find themselves exposed to electrostatic discharge. Most of us are aware of it when touching someone or something else and feeling a short, sharp shock. 

Electrostatic discharge is caused when two surfaces with different voltage potentials come into contact with each other and are then separated. While the effects on people tend not to go far beyond a sudden surprise, this discharge can have an adverse effect on electronic equipment, such as destroying components, erasing magnetically-stored data, and even triggering fore hazards. The antistatic entrance floor mats in our collection dissipate the electrical charges in people and objects, negating the possibility of electrostatic shocks and discharge.