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Correction Tape & Correction Pens


Mistakes are an unavoidable part of life, whether you work from home or as part of a busy office. The Avansas collection of correction tape, correction pens, and correction fluid gives you and your employees a second bite of the cherry quickly and efficiently. However, picking the right tools for the job can be confusing, considering that all these products appear to perform the same task. If you're confused about which one ticks all the right boxes, here's a quick guide on choosing what's suitable for you.



Taping things down


Correction tape offers a quick and convenient way to amend mistakes on printed and handwritten documents. Once you've spotted the offending typo or grammatical error, all you need to do is apply the tape over the word or sentence that needs attention, let it dry, and you’re good to go. To make things even easier, our range includes correction tape housed in dispensers. With two spools on the inside and a button to control how much tape is used, it's simply a case of pulling the dispenser across the sentence or word that needs to be corrected, pushing the button, and making everything right.



Why use correction pens?


Correction pens make things even easier, particularly in situations where last-minute amendments are the order of the day. The nib delivers a white, sticky, and quick-drying fluid that quickly masks the mistake that you’re looking to rectify. A top tip is to check out the width of the nibs of the pens that catch your eye. Each of the photos of our correction pens is accompanied by a product description, including everything from the nib width to its branding. While the width of the nib might not seem important, you need to be sure that you’re not masking any text or numbers above or below your targeted error.



A fluid solution


Correction fluid is perfect for ensuring that there are no further mistakes. Just like pens and tape, correction fluid uses a combination of titanium dioxide, water, soap, and solvents to create a surface that’s quick to dry and easy to write on. One of the major benefits of using fluid is that the user is in complete control. Typically, the lid houses a brush, which reaches into the bottom of the pot of correction fluid. This removes the need to shake the pot to mix the text-correcting magic held inside. On top of that, there's no need to worry whether the fluid has been applied to the right areas.



Going green


While there's a lot of talk about solvents and chemicals, it might surprise you to learn that we offer a selection of correction pens, tape, and fluid with green credentials. Whether you want to communicate your commitment to the environment to your customers and colleagues or minimise the size of your carbon footprint, there's something to ensure that your green credentials are on show, even through the minor details.

Typos, spelling, and grammatical mistakes are part and parcel of business. However, using pens, fluid, and tape enables you to make your paperwork as pristine as possible long before your clients, customers, or colleagues see the finished product.

Avansas is Europe’s leading supplier of office accessories and essentials. As a result, we stock an extensive range of correction pens, correction fluid, and correction tape. Whether you're making a one-off purchase for yourself or buying in bulk for your business, we offer various delivery options, which could see you receiving your order as soon as the next working day.