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If you want your workforce to collaborate, you'll need to determine their individual needs. You need to ensure that each of your staff has the appropriate office desk accessories, according to their needs and job demands. 

Choosing the right office desk accessories 

In the 21st Century, supplying the right office desk accessories can seem like a difficult job. However, all it needs to take is a little common sense and a little research. Knowing a little about what your workforce needs on an individual level is one thing but having an idea about what they need as individuals is another. If you want to make your mark as an employer or establish your personality in the workplace, here are some office desk supplies worth thinking about. 

There's no escaping the idea that the basics start with the basics. For any individual or team to function in an office environment, certain things are absolute essentials: 

The essentials of office desk supplies 

  • It has to start with writing instruments. Whether you’re writing a note, highlighting an idea, or writing on a whiteboard, pens, pencils, and markers are the fundamentals of any office, no matter how innovative your culture might be.
  • If writing instruments come in at the top of the desk accessories carts, paper must come second. However, the majority of paper tends to be used for printing purposes. When it comes to desktop essentials, the Avansas collection of notebooks and pads offers a non-intrusive and convenient way to ensure that everything you need to record can be done on the spot. Notebooks and notepads allow you to contain your ideas and refer to them without worrying about passwords or spreadsheets. Instead, you can use one of the most versatile business desk accessories, which comes in the form of sticky notes
  • With writing implements and paper taken care of, the next step is to ensure that all those valuable files are where they should be. Filing and archiving can be a superb way to ensure that your desk operates as efficiently as it should and supports the team it’s working with. Using the likes of the Avansas Elite Classic Suspension File, you can be sure there's no need to waste time looking for important documents, particularly when racing against the clock. With a decent filing system on your side, you can be sure that your desk is as efficient as possible.
  • While your desk might be the central focus of your day-to-day, there will always be occasions where you'll need to broadcast your intentions, ideas, or innovations. Although an inter-departmental email might tick a few boxes, it's essential to be sure that the critical parts are seen by the right people. Using drawing pins and push pins to display a notice ensures that you don’t have to worry about whether the email you’ve sent has been relegated to spam or accidentally deleted. It might seem a little 20th Century, but displaying certain information on products such as our Avansas Cork Notice Board can help ensure that the entire team gets to see the next set of priorities. 

In an era in which emails and texts rule the waves, the fundamentals of office desk supplies can be overlooked. However, many businesses are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. At Avansas, we're very aware of a company's desire to let consumers know that they've got an eye on their carbon footprint. Products such as our Eco Pocket Calculator and our Maped Advanced Green Scissors allow you to assert your brand's place in a constantly-evolving business backdrop. 

Thinking outside of the box 

It is also worth remembering that what qualifies as your essential accessories might not work for others. If you can find out more about your staff or colleagues, you might find yourself en route to developing a more fruitful, productive, and personal relationship with the people that work for you. 

For example, if certain team members are dealing with repetitive strain injury (RSI) or tendon strain, then products such as wrist rests can make all the difference to the working day. These are essential office desk accessories for those who spend extensive hours at a computer screen and use a mouse or touchpad. 

Backing your staff 

Similarly, office chair backrests can be essential office desk accessories to ensure that you and your staff don't lose time to the problems posed by poor posture. Although they might appear a fundamental addition to the workspace, they can significantly impact a worker's mental and physical health. Should your budget not have the reach for ergonomic chairs and desks, these make a superb alternative for both your employees and your budget. 

Keeping your workers supplied with the best possible office desk accessories can make all the difference between a team focused on its job and a group of people unable to fulfil their tasks. Avansas is Europe's leading supplier of office essentials and accessories, offering you the best products at the best prices. With various delivery options available, we can ensure you get what you need when you need it and with a minimum of fuss.