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Index Cards & Boxes


Indexing is an important part of any filing system. By using index cards and boxes, you can create a user-friendly system, making it simple for anyone, even those unfamiliar with document contents, to access the appropriate information. Typically, paperwork is ordered, either alphabetically or numerically, so that anyone can find what they’re looking for.

While the digital age has given us access to cloud storage and external hard drives, some documents will need to be stored in the traditional way. By contrast, index card boxes won’t fall foul of hackers, viruses, lost passwords, or power cuts. Instead, they offer a systematic method of accessing important data, exactly when it’s needed.



Index cards


Research has found that a disorganised indexing system can cost a business more than four hours each week looking for misplaced documents. Using index cards makes documents easy to find, saving stress, time, and money. In addition, if index cards are used for archiving, paperwork can be cross-referenced, meaning that even the oldest of documents can be found quickly, and efficiently. Cards made from card stock can be labelled, making access even easier, while those made from durable plastic can be colour-coded for efficient indexing.



Index card boxes


However, organising your indices is one thing, but keeping them safe and organised is another. When used in tandem, the Avansas range of index card boxes add a layer of protection against spills, stains, and poor organisation. Made from durable plastic, our collection of boxes is specifically designed to keep index cards protected and in order. For easy reference, the plastic used to make these boxes is clear and coloured, so you can see, even before you open it, what you’re looking for. Compact and sleek, they are the ideal addition to any desk, enhancing productivity and giving your business that professional edge.