Filing & Archiving

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Filing and Archiving

When it comes to virtual storage, digital documents and data can be compromised by the likes of power failure, security threats, hardware, or software failure, and even computer malfunctions. Recovery is always a possibility, but this can be a lengthy and expensive process. Ensuring that your important paperwork is available in hard copy is a great way to ensure that that data is always available, even in the event of a power cut.

Benefits Filing

Electronic storage might be effortless, but traditional filing and archiving come with their own benefits. Employees who aren’t tech-savvy don’t need a crash course on computing, or to know passwords, in order to open a document wallet or box file. Similarly, those documents can be kept as organised as their computer-based counterparts using index cards and lever arch files.

Precious Paperwork

It's worth remembering that many documents are still only recognised as legal if they are paper-based. If reproductions are required, simply pop them in the office photocopier or scanner. Paper documents can be used in courts of law if required and, in some instances, as proof of identity. In addition, it’s a legal requirement for some documents to be kept for a certain period of time. Keeping important papers such as these safe and secure is easy, using metal suspension file boxes, which come with a lock and key for added protection.

With no subscription fees or software upgrades to worry about, filing and archiving the old-fashioned way can seem like a backwards step, but it can serve as an excellent backup to your digital storage. These solutions can even be applied to workers’ desks, helping them to keep their workspaces organised and efficient.