CD & OHP Markers

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CD and OHP Markers


CD and OHP markers are among the stationery items that make life easier. As they are permanent, durable and dry fast, you can use acetate markers for many purposes.



What Are the Types of CD and OHP Markers?


Acetate pencils are divided into varieties according to their colour, tip and thickness. Markers come in blue, black, red and green; pick any of them according to the background colour or area of use. Tips of CD and OHP markers are categorised as S, M, F and B. The range of markers includes alternatives from 0.3mm to 3mm tips. Depending on your intended use, choose a marker with a round or chisel tip.



What Are CD and OHP Markers Used for?


CD and OHP markers provide convenience in many areas of use. They are very effective for taking notes that you want to keep for a long time. It is impossible to write on surfaces such as CDs/DVDs, glass, plastic, and wood with regular pens, while these markers make it possible to easily write on them. CD and OHP markers that have a chisel tip, which are especially preferred by those who are interested in fine writing and calligraphy, helps creating aesthetic visuals.



What Are the Advantages of CD and OHP Markers?


  • • Notes and writings will be permanent and last for a long time with these markers.
  • • Since the marker’s ink dries very quickly, it does not smudge.
  • • Write directly on the back of your files and this way you won’t lose time with labelling.
  • • Resistant to organic liquids such as sweat, a humid environment and removers like soap.