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Account Books and Forms

It is a legal requirement to keep records of commercial activities in all workplaces, large or small. Account books and other printed documents that are required for legal audits, tax control and similar practices are available in the category of account books and forms. Documents required in certain non-commercial transactions such as member registration books, guest books and inventory forms are also available in this category.

Track your workflow and record your activities with the products in the category of account books and forms. Creating printed backups for digital records is also possible. These classic account books help a great deal; especially when there are problems regarding the security of the data on the computer.

Developing information technologies, computer applications and e-commerce facilities have enabled digitized registration. This way, those who have to keep account books obtain the convenience of digital data input-output and practical online access to account books and forms from outside the office. However, this convenient and time-saving opportunity brought along problems in security. Risks such as capture by malevolent individuals, alteration and loss have occurred for account books and forms due to certain situations threatening data security in the virtual world.

Even though it may seem old school, printed account books and forms provide a safe option for these risks in the digital environment. Used for operations, offices and associations, account books and forms make archiving easier and allow you to compare and verify with the records in the electronic environment while retaining the relevant documents. With a variety of cash books, ledgers, inventory forms, minute books, stock books, bond papers, order receipts, incoming and outgoing documents books, notes of expense, deposit receipts, payment receipts, paying-in slips, delivery notes and many others, easily keep records of your commercial or non-commercial transactions and keep them safe.

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