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Labelling Products


Where would we be without labels? Giving you at-a-glance information, they’re easy to apply and as useful in the home as they are in the workplace. Whatever your labelling product needs, Avansas stocks an extensive range of these self adhesive label essentials, allowing you to keep your surroundings or your office that much more organised.



Address Labels


Address labels are a vital addition to any office. With the address displayed, your letter or parcel is sure to get to the right recipient. We can supply you with blank, self-adhesive labels in various sizes. While you might like to hand write the information, we also offer those that are suitable for inkjet and laser printers, so that the name and address are as legible as can be.



Speciality Labelling Products


While most people think of labels being used for envelopes and packages, they have alternative uses. At home, star stickers can be used to chart a child’s progress at school or personal achievements. In the workplace, speciality labelling solutions can be used to highlight dangers or help visitors to navigate the building. Our speciality permanent display labels come with creators, allowing you to customise yours to suit your needs.



Multipurpose Labelling Solutions


For offices and businesses that use labelling products for a variety of reasons, we can even offer a broad selection of multipurpose solutions. Return address labels allow you to ensure that, even if a document or package doesn’t make it to the intended recipient, it won’t get lost in the post. Alternatively, extra-large options leave the couriers or parcel handlers in no doubt about where to deliver the crate or box. However, you might find you need small products for name badges, in the event of a meeting or conference. For perfect print jobs, we can even supply sheets of labels with diamond-shaped microdot patterns to ensure exact alignment in inkjets and laser printers.