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Permanent Marker Pens


Check out any Top 10 list of the most crucial office essentials, and pens and pencils will always be up there. However, under the umbrella of pens, permanent markers are increasingly fighting for the top spot. Versatile, practical, and yet to be outdone by 21st Century technology, the permanent marker pen is something that no office, home, or artist should be without. From the classic black pen and the eye-catching white pen to those available in a rainbow of colours, we can supply you with just what you need. When you need to leave your mark and ensure that it's never rubbed away, these pens are just what you're looking for.



Why are permanent markers permanent?


When you look at the inks used in standard pens, such as ballpoints, there are three main ingredients: solvents, fatty acids, and the required dye. While these allow you to write and draw, the inks will fade due to factors such as light, moisture, and abrasion. The inks used in permanent marker pens also hold three ingredients, but this time, they are resins, carriers, and pigments. The resins give them the ability to write on almost any surface. Rich and sticky, they boast superior adhesion compared to their standard counterparts. 

The carriers in modern pens tend to be alcohol-based. This ensures that the carrier, which is essentially a delivery system for the pigment and the resin, evaporates quickly. As a result, you can use most types of marker on paper without the bleed-through that comes with using regular felt tips. A coloured, white, or black permanent marker pen uses pigment instead of dye because they, too, won't bleed through paper and are far less susceptible to fading on exposure to light. These three ingredients combined mean that they are capable of writing on most surfaces, and you can expect what you've written to remain clear and recognisable for anywhere between three months to several years, depending on what it's been applied to



Black permanent marker pens


The classic black permanent marker has a range of uses, from writing on fabrics and metals to plastic and wood. Whether personalising an item or marking it for security reasons, they're a superb addition to any home or office. The black permanent marker pen is even used by surgeons marking out incisions on patients for everything from cosmetic surgery to those used in lifesaving operations.



White permanent marker pens


However, the increase in the demand for markers has seen the birth of a new member of the family in the white permanent marker pen. With the same ability to write on virtually anything, they've become particularly popular with those creating glass art and restaurant owners wanting to make permanent menus on blackboards, metal surfaces, and even wood. Perhaps one of the most surprising uses for the white variety is in the automotive trade. Mechanics regularly use them to outline changes to a vehicle’s bodywork and even replacements or modifications that need to be made to engines.



More than monochrome


In addition to the black and white pens, we also stock those available in a range of colours. Ideal for creating enduring signs and notices or appealing works of art on glass, metal, or plastic, they’re as versatile as they are long-lasting. In addition, we offer permanent markers with a choice of nibs.



The best tips for permanent markers


For finer work, markers with bullet tips or fine-point tips are just what you need. These allow you to be as intricate and elegant with your designs and wording as you need to, safe in the knowledge that the tip provides precision and accuracy. However, if you need something chunkier in your armoury, look for chisel tips. These offer the facility to create thick and medium lines or, if required, colour in large areas quickly and efficiently. Browse our online collection, and you'll find that the photographs of our permanent markers are accompanied by a brief description, letting you know the type and thickness of the nib, so you can make the right choice every time. 

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