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What Are The Types Of Marker Pens According To Their Usage Areas?


Pens are one of the most used stationery materials in daily life. Different types of pens are produced to fulfill different functions. Various types of pens can be used on surfaces such as paper and cardboard. However, these pens are not used on surfaces such as ceramic, glass and wood.


Marker pens are produced for use on even the most challenging surfaces. Thanks to its special ink, your writings can last a long time without losing their permanence even if they are exposed to external factors such as water.


There are different types of marker pens according to their intended use. For instance, tip thickness may vary according to your needs. Fine tip marker pens are suitable if you want to mark a section in the document you are reading. Marker pen types according to their features and intended use are as follows:

  • Permanent marker pen
  • Waterproof marker pen
  • Coloured marker pens
  • Metal marker pen
  • Glass marker pen
  • Whiteboard marker pen
  • Outline marker pen
  • Laundry marker pen
  • Acrylic marker pens


Avansas has a wide variety of marker pen colours in its product range. You can make DIY projects with special colours such as glitter marker pens, silver marker pens, gold marker pens and metallic marker pens.

Laundry Marker Pen

One of the most functional types of markers is undoubtedly laundry marker pens. Thanks to these pens, you can write on your clothes. Laundry marker pens that permanently write on all fabrics are also resistant to hot washes. Its ink dries quickly and does not smudge. Usually fine-tipped ones are more suitable for writing.

Whiteboard Marker Pen

Whiteboard markers are produced for use on surfaces such as enamel, glass and melamine. It is produced for whiteboards used for writing and presenting in schools and workplaces. Its ink is non-permanent and can be wiped off with a board eraser or a cloth. Although colours such as red, blue and black are generally preferred, there are many different colour options. You can choose the one that suits your needs among different tip types.

Glass Marker Pen

Glass marker pens are used for notices or notes to be written on mirror and glass surfaces. The ink of these pens can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Thus, it is possible to write something on that surface again. In addition, these pens do not leave marks and stains. If you want your writing or drawing on glass surfaces to be permanent, you should use permanent glass markers. These pens are also suitable for outdoor use as they are resistant to external factors such as heat and water.

Metal Marker Pen

The surface you want to write on can be a smooth, oily, high-temperature or rusty metal. Metal marker pen types are used for these surfaces. You can make different projects with tip types up to 10 mm. Metal marker pens, which have a waterproof feature, can be used outdoors. In addition, these pens are extremely resistant to light.


What Are the Usage Areas of Marker Pens?


Marker pens are sold in sets with a wide range of colours. Within these sets, which are called coloured marker pen sets, you can easily find the most suitable marker pens for your needs. Marker pens, which have a very wide scale in terms of the area of use, are used by people of all ages for many functions. While studying, you can mark the sections that need attention with marker pens and take informative notes to read later. By using a metallic marker pen, you can easily make your designs stand out. Marker pens have a quality and permanent ink. Therefore, it can be used easily on slippery materials such as CD and CD cases. Marker pens are among the most suitable pens for drawing. Illustrator artists and graphic designers often use special marker pens for their drawings.


What Should Be Considered When Buying Marker Pens?


Marker pens are among the most prominent stationery materials in some professional groups. Graphic designers, architects and engineers are at the top of these professions. People working in these professions should pay attention to quality and brand while purchasing marker pens.


How Much Are Marker Pens Prices?


Marker pen sets have many advantages for users. Marker pens, which you can use for drawing, writing or marking, are available in the market with different models and colours.  Marker pen prices vary according to the model, colour and features of the pens. You can buy Sharpie marker pen sets and make eye-catching designs in different colours. Check out for the most affordable Sharpie markers and different types of markers. You can buy the best quality products at competitive prices.


Where to Buy Top Quality Marker Pens?


When purchasing marker pens, it is important not to compromise on quality. The product you are looking for may be a white permanent marker pen or a black marker pen. You can find a wide variety of marker pens produced by quality brands at Avansas. Thanks to our high purchasing power, buy top quality products at competitive prices.


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