Glue Sticks & Adhesive Strips

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Glue Sticks & Self Adhesive Strips


Whether you're looking to attach notices, pictures, or calendars to the walls or you're looking for a quick and convenient way to put pieces of paper together, our range of glue sticks and self-adhesive strips ticks all the right boxes. When it comes to self-adhesive hooks and sticky Velcro strips, It might be that, if you rent your office premises, you don’t want to damage the décor or, if you work from home, you want to be sure that your requisitioned office isn’t going to show the scars of business. When it comes to glue sticks, these are as much at home in a busy working environment as part of an arts and crafts project. Here's our handy guide to ensure you buy the right tools for the job.



Watching your walls


Self-adhesive strips and self-adhesive hooks are a relatively new addition to the marketplace. The strips allow you to attach lightweight notices, pictures, and other notices to the wall without worrying about damaging the paintwork. Both the strips and hooks employ a specialist adhesive that, once you need to remove them, won't leave behind any evidence that they were there in the first place.



Lightweight, but heavyweight


In addition, self-adhesive strips and hooks can be strong enough to support relatively heavy items, such as framed pictures, and volumes of paperwork, such as peel-off calendars. The trick to ensuring that you've got the right tools for the job is to check out the size and weight your strips or hooks will support. Each of the photos of the sticky strips and hooks on our website is accompanied by a product description. These will give you everything you need to make an informed choice, including the recommended weight of whatever it is you need to hang.

However, as a general rule, the smoother the surface, the better the adhesion. Whether you’re using self-adhesive hooks or sticky Velcro strips, they’re best used on super-smooth surfaces, such as varnished, painted, or even stained wood, tiles, glass, and metal. However, they’re equally at home on painted surfaces, including drywall, hardboard, and plaster.



Using self-adhesive strips


Whether you choose self-adhesive hooks or sticky Velcro strips, they’re incredibly easy to use. All it takes is peeling the protective strip from the strip you want to stick to the wall and pressing it firmly. When it comes to sticky strips or hooks, all you need to do is remove the backing from the next strip and push it onto the one already in place. Should you need to remove them, you'll find a tab on the strip affixed to the wall. Pull that, and it'll come away quickly and easily.



Sticky or not?


While glue sticks might look like a simple home or office accessory, there’s more science behind them than you might think. To use them on paper, all you need to do is wipe the exposed end of the stick across the document to be fixed. Pop the subsequent document or art-and-craft element on top, give it a press, and you’re good to go.

However, it might surprise you to know that the way glue sticks work is less about adhesion and more about magnetism. What they offer is a series of attractive molecules between the surfaces to which the adhesive is applied. These create a chemical bond between the sticky surfaces, keeping your papers in place. As the glue is allowed to dry, those bonds solidify, creating a stronger link between the molecules involved. However, once you need to remove a sheet of paper, it’s a mere case of pulling it away.



You can always get what you want


Browse our collection of glue sticks, self-adhesive strips, and self-adhesive hooks, and you'll find other sticky solutions to your presentational problems. These include good old-fashioned sticky tape and rubber-based compounds, such as Blu Tack and White Tack.

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