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However, there's much more to using floor cleaning products than giving your space a glittering finish. Floor cleaners can also help eliminate dust, dirt, and grime that, if left unchecked, could present a tripping or slipping hazard for you, your family, your staff, or your customers. Similarly, if the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it's the benefits of all-round hygiene. Our floors are where food is dropped and where we bring in bacteria from outside, on the soles of our shoes. You'll find antibacterial floor cleaner liquid, such as Dymagel Lemon Floor Cleaner, is as suitable for an end-of-day wipe-down as it is for a deep clean. Floor cleaning products such as this are an excellent way to help combat the spread of germs and viruses. 

On top of that, our effective floor cleaners can help to protect visitors against allergens, whether they’re popping into your home or visiting the office. Paired with our mops and buckets, they can help to remove pet dander, fungal spores, and other environmental irritants from floor surfaces, creating a friendlier environment for your guests.



Keep your floors looking better for longer


You'll also find that regularly using floor cleaner liquid can help maintain floors for longer, particularly if made from wood, slate, or stone. Debris that has been dropped or dragged in can contain microscopic granules with sharp or gritty edges. Left unchecked, these can accumulate and find themselves ground into the floor surface under the heel of a shoe or scraped across the surface by soles. This can result in unsightly pocks, scrapes, scuffs, and scratches to your pristine flooring. Using a mop, such as our Py Kentucky Mop, in conjunction with floor cleaning products such as Maxima Pine Floor Gel can quickly pick up the offending bits of grit and keep your floor looking its best.



Go for a green clean


For some businesses, it's important to show commitment to the environment. While some floor cleaners, particularly those used in settings such as hospitals and schools, are packed with bug-busting chemicals, some rely on the cleaning power of natural products. Floor cleaner liquid such as our Ecover Floor Cleaner can get the job done just as efficiently while using ingredients that are kinder to the planet. Not tested on animals and available in bottles made from recycled plastic and plant materials, this is one of the best floor cleaning products for those wanting to watch the size of their carbon footprint.



A cost-effective cleaning solution


Aside from making floor cleaner more cost-effective, choosing floor cleaning products that need to be diluted with water gives you complete control over the strength of the solution. You might want to use less water for deep cleaning, giving the active ingredients more power to combat viruses and bacteria. However, if it's a quick wipe-down, you can afford to use more water, making these products extremely versatile. 

However, particularly at the moment, how you spend is just as important as what you spend it on. We supply our floor cleaning liquid in five-litre containers, making them more economical than repeatedly buying standard bottles or sprays. They’re ideal for use with our other products, such as our Ceymop cleaning set.



The benefits for your staff and your business


When using floor cleaning products to keep your workplace looking spick and span, the onus tends to fall on creating that all-important first impression for guests and visitors. There's no doubt that this is important, as research has found that 14% of potential customers are likely to pass over what your business offers if the shopfront wasn't as clean as it could be. A further 29% reported that they would only shop in that store if they felt they absolutely had to. However, using floor cleaners to keep your office in tip-top condition has also been found to affect your staff. The same study revealed that 94% of workers felt more productive in a clean working environment. If your productivity isn't what it should be, it might be time to issue your cleaning squad with some Avansas cleaning supplies. 

While there are certain safeguards you can take to prevent germs, dirt, and grime from entering your home or workspace (such as ensuring there's a floor mat outside every doorway), there's nothing to beat regular floor cleaning. In addition to combatting the spread of pathogens, you'll also add a fresh fragrance to your work or where you live. Many of our products are scented with a subtle perfume to give your guests the welcome they deserve.



Complete cleanliness


However, a good floor clean can involve a little more than a bucket or mop. In our experience, no two rooms are the same, and each comes with its own hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. In these situations, it might be the case that you'll need to break out a scourer or cleaning sponge and get to grips with corners the old-fashioned way. If your home or office has awkward little areas that a mop won’t reach, you can still use floor cleaning products to ensure that no detail goes overlooked. Products such as our Maxima Green Neutral Floor Cleaner, are entirely suitable for hand-scrubbing, helping you to ensure that each part of your floor receives the attention it deserves. 

Whether buying floor cleaning products in bulk or making a one-off purchase, we treat every order with the same care and attention. With a range of delivery options available, you can stock up on your supplies of floor cleaning liquid in as little as 24 hours.