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A3 & A4 Clipboards


Think of clipboards, and you probably think of the function on your computer. However, while A4 clipboards and A3 clipboards might look wildly different from their 21st Century counterparts, they do fulfil similar functions. Each allows you to temporarily store information, copy facts and figures, edit documents, and add or remove data. However, where standard boards have the added edge is that they’re completely portable and can be used in a variety of settings. Invaluable tools when on-the-go amendments are updates are the order of the day, they are an essential that no office or workplace should be without.



Using clipboards from Avansas


In their basic form, these boards are stiff, rigid, durable boards with a clip at the top, used for keeping sheets of paper in place. The board itself provides a firm and smooth writing surface, so you can make or take notes without having to find something separate to write on. While the most common are A4 clipboards, larger versions, such as A3 clipboards, are available. It's also worth remembering that products of either size will cheerfully accommodate sheets of a smaller size, such as memo notes and receipts. Many come with a hole or a hook on the upper edge. These allow the boards to be hung up when they’re not in use, helping to save space and keep everything organised.



Clipboards and versatility


Clipboards come in a range of materials, from hardboard and aluminium to PVC. Hardboard boards are ideal for office environments when taking or making notes. Not only are they perfect for businesses keeping an eye on their budgets, but they are firm, strong, and waterproof. However, if you're looking for something with a little more visual appeal, check out our selection of PVC clipboards. These come in various colours and sizes, allowing you to complement your office décor or select something that adds a splash of vibrancy to your surroundings. PVC clipboard holders have the added benefit of allowing you to wipe the whole thing down, making them ideal for use in hospitals or environments where cleanliness and hygiene are a priority.



Foldover clipboards


Certain workplaces, such as building sites, require that you keep your notes and documents protected from what's around them. In these instances, standard A3 and A4 clipboards don't offer much in the way of defence. However, as Europe's leading supplier of office essentials and accessories, we've covered all the bases. Our selection of foldover clipboards offers an additional layer of protection, helping to keep your paperwork pristine and presentable. 

While foldover varieties offer the same durable writing surfaces and secure clips as standard boards, they also sport a front cover. As their name suggests, the front cover can be opened and folded back so that it sits underneath the upper surface, so that it doesn't interfere with the process of pen and paper and won't flap around unnecessarily. We also offer a selection of weatherproof options for amending documents in the Great Outdoors, allowing you to keep your paperwork safe, secure, and hidden away from the elements. You'll also find foldover clipboards with additional integrated extras, such as calculators, so you can do those all-important calculations on the spot, no matter where you happen to be.



Dual clip clipboards


While keeping your papers safe from damage is an essential aspect of any board, so too is keeping them secure. Dual clip clipboards are ideal for those working in less favourable conditions, such as in windy weather. All it takes is a sudden gust, and writing becomes next to impossible. To counter this, our dual clip products come with a secure clasp at either end. Not only does this ensure that your paperwork is kept flat at all times, but it can also ensure that certain documents that need to be kept in tip-top condition won't fold or crease. Whether you're conducting market research outdoors or taking a vital print or photograph to your manager, these help to ensure that your sheets of A4 or A3 are kept in the best possible condition. 



Decide on your design


When it comes to aesthetics, we stock clipboards that will either blend into their surroundings or stand out from the crowd. From hardboard options and those coated in colourful PVC to those sporting attractive patterns or even holographic designs, you can choose the designs that best suit your working environment or, if you're recording notes from customers or the public, offer a professional or funky vibe. 

At Avansas, we treat every order with the same stringent standards of care and commitment, whether buying in bulk for your business or making a one-off purchase for yourself. On top of offering an extensive range of clipboards, we also boast several delivery options. Should you need your order as soon as possible, check out our next working day delivery service, and you could have yours in as little as 24 hours.