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What are Clipboards and How Do You Use Them?

Are you looking for a file to securely preserve your documents and take notes at the same time? Then clipboards are precisely the product that you are looking for.
Clipboards are one of the file types that make it easy to take notes and are often preferred by office workers. However, it has a different design and function compared to standard files. In addition to various colour and pattern options, you can find clipboard models with and without cover.
With its stiff structure, it allows you to take notes without the need for any hard surface. Plus, clipboards will enable you to take notes even while standing. Clipboards are strong because of the materials used in the production phase and their special structure. The hard material is first covered with a thin layer of sponge to provide more protection. The process is completed by using external coating materials.

What Are The Types Of Clipboards According To Their Materials?

You can find clipboards in many different colours and patterns in Avansas's wide range of products. If you want to make your working environment more fun, you can choose a pink clipboard and other colours. If you want to buy a more professional looking product, grey clipboard or black clipboard will be more suitable for you.
At Avansas, you can choose between clipboards made of different materials. In general, clipboards are made of metal, plastic or wood.

Wooden Clipboards

Wooden clipboards prove their quality with their durable mechanism and material. It has a wide range of products with light, medium and dark colour tones. Wood has a timeless look and never goes out of style. Wooden clipboards are stylish products that you can enjoy for years. You can use this wooden product, which protects your papers and documents against external factors, even under challenging conditions.
Wooden clipboards have a mechanism for hanging on the wall. This product, which you can use just like a notice board, is quite handy. Besides, the lightweight construction of the wooden clipboards makes them easier to carry as well. It does not take up much space in your bag and does not deform thanks to its durable design.

Plastic Clipboards

Plastic is a very solid material. Plastic clipboards keep your documents securely. They have a wide sheet capacity and are long-lasting. In addition, they are very favourable products thanks to their different sizes. You can choose the one that suits your needs between the A5 clipboard and A4 plastic clipboard and A3 clipboard.

Metal Clipboard

Metal clipboards are the most robust and durable models. It is generally suitable for A5 and A4 size paper. In addition to its solid structure, metal clipboards have a stylish appearance. It is an ideal product for your important meetings and presentations.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Clipboard?

There are some details that you should pay attention to when purchasing clipboards. Choose models that are suitable for the characteristics of your job. You can have the convenience of practical use. When you buy models designed with quality materials, you have the chance to use them for a long time without any problems. If you are going to buy in bulk for your business, you can choose clipboards in the same colour and model. This creates a more professional impression. You should also choose a clipboard that is suitable for the paper size you usually use. For example, if you usually use A4 paper, a mini clipboard may not work for you.

What Are the Advantages of Using Clipboards?

  • Clipboards that everyone can use in business life or education life make your working environment more comfortable. The most significant advantage of the product is that it is made of hard material. So you can take notes wherever you want, even while standing.
  • A latch-like tool is used in the design of the clipboards. This latch holds the papers tight and prevents them from falling off. Thanks to its secure design, you don't have to worry about your important documents getting lost.
  • A clipboard with cover protects your valuable documents, papers, notes, presentations or homework from water, heat or impacts. You can put your documents in a waterproof clipboard and carry them safely during your travels, from home to work or to school.
  • You can also use clipboards to archive your documents in a specific order. Due to its top latch structure, you do not have to take out your documents when you want to look at them.

How Much Do Clipboards Cost?

Design, feature, form, brand, quality and price play a decisive role in product selection. The materials used in the production of designs significantly affect the price of the product. Clipboard prices vary according to the size, colour, pattern and material of the product, but you can find products suitable for every budget in Avansas' wide product range.
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