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Office Food Supplies & Office Drinks


The old adage that 'an army marches on its stomach' could well have been designed for the office. A survey by Staples Advantage USA revealed that 73% of office staff believed that a good selection of office food and catering supplies would improve their well-being while in the workplace. Whether you're doing your best to keep the morale up in your office or you want to give customers and visitors that all-important red-carpet treatment, our range of office food supplies and office drinks will help you up your game.


The start of the day

Let's start at the beginning. The first thing that most people want when they arrive at work is a quick tea or coffee to get the engines running. However, you'll also find those that prefer their office drinks a lot simpler, such as a bottle of water or a herbal infusion. Our office drinks include everything from instant coffee and tea bags to hot chocolate and speciality brews. Whatever the favourite brand in your workplace, we're sure to have something to rival it. Don't forget to check out decaf teas and coffees for those who want the taste without the jolt.


Hot or cold?

During the day, a quick cuppa might be the order of the day. However, when the weather takes a warmer turn, keeping your employees hydrated can significantly impact their performance and well-being. In addition to a range of bottled waters, we can offer everything from water coolers to refills. Still or sparkling, flavoured or plain, we've got something to quench every thirst. For those who suffer from that mid-morning sag, we can even provide energy drinks that are sure to perk up even the weariest of workers.


What’re you dunking?

There’s nothing better to complement a caffeine buzz than a sugar hit. While you might want to ration them, our collection of office food supplies includes an extensive range of snacks and treats. On top of being the perfect tide-over between breakfast and lunch, our biscuits and treats are ideal for when you're entertaining a client or two. Pop something crunchy or chocolaty on a tray alongside your hot or cold drinks, and you're instantly letting them know that your business leaves no detail overlooked. In addition, our selection tins and boxes make superb gifts at those all-important staff get-togethers.


Bump and grind

While instant coffee does the trick, you can take things up a level with our selection of coffee beans, pods, and ground coffees. Aromatic, punchy, and delicious, they deliver that welcome lift, whether it's a mid-morning chat in the kitchen or an essential meeting in a boardroom. With your company's budget in mind, we also offer everything from cafetieres to full-blown coffee machines, so you can serve up a mug of the good stuff when needed. Don't forget the accompaniments, such as coffee whitener and sugar, so those drinks taste as good as they need to.


No more kitchen nightmares

Because our office food supplies and office drinks are from some of the most reputable brands, they're equally at home as pro-standard catering supplies. Whether you run a restaurant, operate a catering wagon, or are the first call for wedding meals, we can supply you with all the essentials. While you're browsing our range of office food supplies, don't forget to think about how you're going to serve it. From disposable dinnerware, cups, and cutlery that save on washing up to pristine plates, mugs, knives and forks, you can make even the humblest of meetings feel as though it’s been given that five-star edge. Whether you’re making a one-off purchase for yourself or buying bulk catering supplies for your business, we treat each order with the same exceptional levels of care and attention.

For restaurants, offices, and caterers, our range of kitchen catering supplies and kitchen appliances offer a quick and cost-effective solution to your culinary needs. Check out our range of delivery options to ensure that you receive what you need when you need it. As Europe's leading supplier of office essentials and accessories, we offer the best products, from the best brands, at the best prices. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you to keep your customers and colleagues fed and watered in style.