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Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencil is a special type of pencil that is used for writing and does not require sharpening. In addition to writing, mechanical pencils are also frequently used for works of art.

Which Are the Top Mechanical Pencil Brands?

The top brands in mechanical pencils are Rotring, Faber-Castell and Avansas. Avansas and other leading brands offer you budget-friendly mechanical pencils.

What Are the Advantages of Mechanical Pencils?

  • You do not have to sharpen mechanical pencils in any way.
  • Pencils with 0.5 and 0.7 leads in particular use a balancing technology. This technology allows for a smooth writing experience.
  • With their synthetic and eco-friendly structure, mechanical pencils are suitable for continuous use.
  • Most mechanical pencils include an eraser. This allows you to erase writings made with mechanical pencils.
  • Leads in various lengths and colours are available.

Which Mechanical Pencil Is Best for You?

  • Make sure that the mechanical pencil of your choice is ergonomic. Feel the grip of the pencil and ensure that it is comfortable.
  • While buying a mechanical pencil, make sure that the lead of the mechanical pencil is widely available.
  • In addition, make sure that your mechanical pencil allows for easy writing on commonly used papers.
  • While mechanical pencils with leads of 0.5mm and 0.7mm are sufficient for general use, technical drawings may require thinner or thicker models.

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