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Computer Monitor Stands and Arms


Whether you work from home or as part of a busy office, the chances are that you spend a significant portion of your day looking at your screen. The Avansas range of computer monitor stands can help you to set the height of your monitor so it's at its most convenient and most comfortable while also helping to increase the amount of space available to you on your desk. Using a monitor stand for desk work can not only make you feel more comfortable but can also make you feel more positive and, as a result, make you more productive. If you're trying to choose a monitor mount or a arm, here's a quick guide on choosing the most suitable one for you.


Size does matter

The first thing you’ll need to know is whether the monitor stand for desk use that you’re looking at is compatible with your screen. However, all you really need to know is how big the device is and its weight. Each of the photos of our computer monitor stands is accompanied by a product description, telling you everything you need to know about the monitor mount you're looking at. This includes the size of the device it'll accept and the maximum weight it'll bear. With these up your sleeve, you can narrow down your choices.


Stand or arm?

It's also worth considering whether you want a stand or a monitor arm. A stand is ideal for those who want to fix their screens to a certain height and are unlikely to move it that much once it’s been set. Computer monitor stands for desk work also help to give you more space to work with, lifting the monitor out of harm's way. Browse our collection, and you'll find computer monitor stands for free-standing desks, which don’t require an adjacent wall to fix them to.


Up in arms

A computer monitor arm works slightly differently. While you'll need your desk with a wall directly next to it, they allow you to reposition the screen constantly. This can be particularly useful if you need to share the screen with a customer or colleague. Because the arm bears the weight of the screen, it needs to be fixed to a wall that's strong enough to take the additional weight. Each monitor arm in the Avansas collection comes with the necessary fixings to keep the load-bearing arm firmly in place, so you can move the screen as much as you need to without worrying that the whole setup will fall off the wall. In addition to allowing you to adjust the height of your screen, a monitor arm will enable you to choose the perfect angle to allow information to be clearly displayed to anyone who needs to see it.


The benefits of computer monitor stands

Whether you choose a monitor stand or a monitor arm, there are immediate benefits to both. Adjusting the height of your screen so it's in your natural eyeline can help prevent a range of back problems. With a traditional desktop setup, the inclination is to curve the neck and upper spine to see everything easily. However, your muscles will compensate to support this curvature, which can result in strains and sprains. Being able to adjust the height of your screen helps to keep your vertebrae properly aligned, offering greater levels of comfort throughout the day.


Seeing clearly

In addition, stands allow you to set the distance between your eyes and the screen. For those who might be short-sighted, this can offer immediate relief from having to try and focus on words and data, minimising the potential for mistakes and ensuring that everything on display is easy to read. Computer monitor stands can also play an essential part in modern offices, particularly those with standing or height-adjustable desks. With the screen either set at the appropriate height or able to be moved, your workers will always be able to see what they need to.

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