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Postage and Packaging Supplies 

As Europe’s leading provider of office and business packaging supplies, we can offer you the best products at the best prices. With next working day delivery options available, you can have your storeroom stocked up in as little as 24 hours. 

Of all the business postage and packaging supplies in your office, the one that tends to be the most popular and versatile is the humble cardboard box. Also known as cartons, these might not seem the most ‘21st-century’ of postal packaging essentials, but they are specifically designed to offer protection and ensure that your goods arrive in pristine condition. 


The benefits of boxes 

At their most basic, cardboard delivery boxes and cartons are made from two layers of thin cardboard, known as linerboard. These sandwich a layer of corrugated cardboard, which helps to cushion the contents inside the box. There are two types of corrugated cardboard boxes and knowing which one to use can mean all the difference between everything arriving intact or arriving damaged or broken. 

  • Single wall boxes consist of two layers of linerboard and one layer of corrugated carboard. These business packaging supplies are best suited to sending more robust items, which don’t need as much protection. However, just to be on the safe side, you can give them added cushioning with layers of bubble wrap. 
  • Double wall boxes are designed for items that need more defence against knocks and drops. These consist of three layers of linerboard and two layers of corrugation. The extra layers help to disperse the impact caused by accidents, giving the contents a far better chance of survival. 


Size does matter 

Something else worth considering is the size of box you use. Having a fragile product rattling around in a large box can only increase the chances of damage. It’s far better to use a box that comfortably accommodates the contents with little room for movement inside. If necessary, bubble wrap can always come to the rescue to fill in the gaps.

Choosing the right sized box can also help to save you money. While the weight of an item will be factored into the cost of delivery, so too will the size. Where possible, use boxes that are as close to the size of the item inside as possible to ensure that your postage budget isn’t spent unnecessarily. 


Brilliant bubble wrap 

Next on your list should be bubble wrap. One of the most versatile postal supplies in your arsenal, it gives most items that extra, valuable layer of insulation and protection. The ‘bubbles’ in the roll of wrap are filled with air, helping to cushion against the shock of impacts. Bubble wrap can be used to protect even the most awkwardly shaped contents, making them that much easier to pack into a delivery box or carton.

Products with points or parts that need a little extra looking after are best wrapped in this protective layer, giving them support as well as a flexible and durable covering. Bubble wrap can also be cut to size, so there’s little wastage and, if it’s still in a good state after delivery, can also be reused, helping you to keep an eye on your carbon footprint. 

It's lightweight, so it won’t add any significant heaviness to parcels, meaning you won’t incur any needless postage costs. It’s sold in sheets with different sizes of bubbles including small, medium and large. Larger bubbles are better suited to protecting heavier and bulkier items, while sheets with smaller bubbles should be the first choice for smaller and more delicate contents. 


Time to get a grip 

Grip seal bags make the perfect business packaging supplies for a variety of items. If you’re sending anything that contains a liquid with the potential to leak, these postal packaging essentials are an absolute must. 

Made from durable polythene, they come with ridged openings which can be closed and made airtight by simply pressing them together. However, for peace of mind, our zipper storage bags offer a plastic fastening to ensure that there’s absolutely no chance of the seal opening by accident. Once the item has been delivered, the bags are easy to open, so there’s no frustrating wrestling with the packet involved. 

In addition to helping protect the rest of the box’s contents against possible leaks, grip seal bags are ideal for packing smaller items that can be easily misplaced on opening. Packets of screws, fixings, and even smaller electronics can all be contained in grip seal bags so that, even if the transit is a little on the bumpy side, they’ll arrive all in one packet. Not only does this help to keep the other contents safe from pointed items, but it also ensures that your customers receive items that they need to assemble the item without hunting for a single replacement screw or washer. 

A further benefit of these postal supplies is that they’re transparent. Whether you’re sending medicines, toiletries, or electrical components, the recipient will be able to see at a glance just what they’ve got. We sell high-quality grip seal bags in a range of sizes so you can select the ones that are best for you, your business, and your clients.