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Presentation Folders & Files


While modern technology, such as PowerPoint, allows you to present your ideas and work to a larger audience, there's little better to create a personal experience than presentation folders and presentation files. With no need to worry about power outages, hackers, or passwords, presentation wallets and presentation files allow everyone in the room to engage with your thoughts in their own time. Whether they want to take your work home with them or make notes during a meeting, presentation folders offer versatility that even 21st Century gadgetry can't match.


For a less formal feel but with a focus on organisation, check out products such as the Rapesco Popper Document Wallet. With five different colours per pack of A4 presentation folders, you can use these to store your work accordingly and instantly know who will receive which file. On top of that, they're clear, allowing you to quickly see the contents, minimising the potential for mix-ups and mistakes. However, something like the Wole A4 Display Book should do the trick if you need that professional edge. With room for up to 30 sheets of paper, this is the ideal A4 presentation folder for situations in which style is as important as substance.


The presentation files offered by Avansas offer much more than superb aesthetics. Whether you need a single A4 presentation folder or several presentation wallets, you must ensure your paperwork is protected. Presentation folders, such as the Rapesco Flexi Display Book, are made from scratch-resistant and waterproof polypropylene, helping keep your documents pristine. When first impressions count, check out files like the Rexel Clearview Display Book. This hardback A4 presentation folder also sports pockets for CDs/DVDs and business cards and is finished in chic and contemporary black. 


With each of the 24 file pockets safely housing your papers, this is the perfect fusion of presentation and practicality. Part of the beauty of using presentation files and folders is that they are customisable. Check out our range of label printers to find the quickest and easiest way to ensure that the right people remember who you and your business are.


When it comes to conferences or sending potential customers away with the right materials, using an A4 presentation folder with your company logo and contact details can mean the difference between a sealed deal and a missed opportunity. Presentation folders have the added benefit of allowing you to transport your files and paperwork without incurring damage along the way. With presentation files, such as the Rexel See and Store Display Book boasting durable covers and an incredibly lightweight, you can transport them in your laptop bag, rucksack, or suitcase, without having to fret over the condition they'll arrive in. On top of that, many of our A4 presentation folders display literature in waiting rooms, giving potential customers a chance to learn more about what you offer before they get into a meeting or consultation.


While our selection of folders is perfect for the boardroom, conferences, and meetings, they're also essential at trade shows. Armed with the Rexel Nyrex Pack of 25 Document Folders, you can increase the chances of potential leads resolving themselves as full-blown results. Cost-effective yet durable, and with just the right balance of formality and informality, they're a superb way of keeping your services or products fresh in the minds of your customers and clients.


With a range of delivery options available, you could receive your order of presentation wallets and folders as soon as the next working day.