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What are the types of fruit drinks?


Avansas offers a wide range of fruit drinks that come in a variety of quantities and taste options! Produced from some of the best fruit drinks brands, you can trust that the fruit juice products on offer are tasty, delicious and refreshing. The following are just a few of the types of fruit cordial drinks on offer at Avansas:


  • Robinsons Double-Concentrate No-Added-Sugar Orange: Robinsons orange flavoured squash contains real fruit juices and sweeteners that makes it a refreshingly tasty and delectable fruit drink. It is a concentrated whole orange drink that contains no added sugars and has a double strength taste.


  • Robinsons Summer Fruits Squash: Robinsons Summer Fruits Squash is a refreshing sugar-free flavoured fruit drink that is perfect for use in many different environments including hotels, the office or even for enjoyment at home.


  • Robinsons Cordial Juice Lemon No-Added-Sugar: This delectable drink is a refreshing cordial that contains no added sugar and was made to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! With this delicious drink on hand in your home, office or even retail environment, you can guarantee that a tasty (and healthy) drink is always available!


  • Robinsons Double-Concentrate No-Added-Sugar: Robinsons apple and blackcurrant flavoured squash is a concentrated fruity drink with no added sugars and double strength. It contains real fruit juices and sweeteners that make it so refreshingly tasty and is ideal for home or workplace environments, and offers great value for money.


What should be considered when buying fruit drinks?


Fruit punch drinks are delicious and nutritious drink options that are healthier and more refreshing than soda or fizzy drinks. Purchasing any of these drinks ensures that you are making a healthier choice! With different amounts and flavouring options on offer, purchasing a delicious fruit drink has never been more fun! When purchasing any of the fruit drink products from Avansas, the following points are important and should be taken into consideration:


  • Taste: The different Fruit drink products on offer come within a variety of taste options for customers to choose from. When looking to purchase any of the products on offer, customers should be sure to read through the various product descriptions to find the product that best suits their individual taste preferences!


  • Liters per drink: Avansas offers fruit drinks in various bottle sizing options. The offers available for purchase are a 1L and 1.75L bottle. These different size options provide variety for customers, ensuring that you will be able to purchase the quantity of fruit drinks that is best suited to you.


  • Quantity: Avansas understands that we supply a wide range of customers who are each purchasing fruit drink products for different reasons and occasions. Bulk fruit drink options are offered by Avansas for those customers looking to serve large groups of people. Our bulk offerings provide a cost-effective solution for when customers are looking at purchasing products for events or parties! Some of Robinsons 1.75L products are sold in bulk packs of 2 making them Ideal for home or workplace environments, and offer great value for money.


Do fruit drinks contain harmful substances?


Avansas always looks to provide products that are made with the very best ingredients. The different fresh fruit drinks that are available to purchase on our website come from some of the very best brands and are sold with the health and wellness of our customers in mind. All  drinks on offer contain no added sugar, meaning that they are a healthier beverage, as opposed to fizzy drinks and soda options!


What are the fruit drinks prices?


Like any product that is sold by Avansas, the prices of fruit drinks are designed to provide the consumer with the best value for money. Customers are assured that each fruit drink product is competitively priced according to the market value. Avansas knows that we supply a wide variety of customers and therefore we offer a multitude of products at different pricing scales. Customers are encouraged to compare prices and product descriptions to find the soft drink and water product that best suits their needs, both economically and according to taste preferences.


Are the fruit drinks sold by Avansas of good quality?


The fruit drinks that are sold by Avansas come from some of the most well-known and beloved brands across the United Kingdom. When purchasing any of these fruit drink products from Avansas you are assured that you are receiving goods that are made from the very best and highest quality ingredients in not only the United Kingdom, but the world. Customers can always be sure that they are purchasing a product that adheres to the highest standards in the fruit cordial market!


Is it safe to buy from Avansas?


Let Avansas be your online one stop shop! With a safe and secure purchasing system that places your security at the top of our priority list, you cannot go wrong when buying from Avansas. Our security system has many features including 3D Secure and Verisign secure payment infrastructures and much more!


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days by using our free courier services. Along with the above security features, products are set up with guaranteed delivery time frames, ensuring that your product will be delivered safely and on time. For UK mainland deliveries (excluding the highlands), your products will be delivered to you within 24 hours. For Northern IE, Channel Islands, Highlands & UK Islands and Isle of Man, your purchases will be delivered in 48 Hours.