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Personal Hygiene


No matter where you work, there are certain cleaning products that you may need. Personal hygiene products also help ensure hygiene at workplaces. Thanks to these products, you can make your work environment cleaner, more comfortable and healthier. Additionally, you can prevent loss of workforce by eliminating hygiene-related diseases.

Avansas’ personal hygiene category offers wet wipes, antibacterial hygienic cleaning wipes, fabric masks, disposable masks, caps, hand and skin sanitiser cartridges, mothballs and overshoes.

Wet wipes in our category, which stand out with their scent and texture, allow you to feel fresh for a long time thanks to their long-lasting scents. While offering practicality with their packaging so that you can use them any time during the day, they provide an effective cleaning with their soft texture.

Antibacterial hygienic cleaning wipes allow you to effectively fight against harmful bacteria and the related diseases. Use antibacterial wet wipes that provide 99.9 percent protection against germs and other viruses at places where human health may be at risk such as hospitals, laboratories, farms, cafes and restaurants.

Other products in our personal hygiene category such as overshoes, disposable masks and caps allow you to fight against viruses and germs at crowded workplaces. Mothballs help you keep moths away whereas hand and skin sanitiser cartridges protect you against harmful microorganisms.

Use personal hygiene products in closed areas where viruses can spread easily such as houses and offices and keep your workplace and living space healthier.

Browse your money-saving office market, choose hygiene products that suit your needs with quality and guarantee and enjoy online shopping. Take advantage of affordable prices and convenient payment options along with free and next business day delivery.