Binding Machines

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Binding Machines


Easy to use, ring binding machines allow the user to bind documents together, quickly, and conveniently. Whether it’s to produce a user manual, reference material, or even a book or calendar, these pieces of equipment turn out accurate and professionally finished presentations. At Avansas, we sell a selection of comb wire binding machines which offer a greater degree of versatility, particularly when it comes to updating documents and time-sensitive presentations. 


Comb Binders

Comb wire binders are, in essence, powerful hole punches with the capacity to attach a long, plastic spine to the assembled document. The punch element is either hand-operated or automated and perforates the inner edge of each page, usually all in one go. The spine is then applied, again, either by hand or through an automated function.

In many cases, the cylindrical spine can be opened and pages either removed or added to the publication, without any fuss. To ensure that you can tackle almost any binding job, many of our wire binding machines come with adjustable comb rakes, so you can bind a variety of documents. Plus, some models come with chip trays, so that those punched-out pieces of paper can all be collected in one place and disposed of. 


Added Extras 

You’ll find that other models come with adjustable edge guides, allowing you to create the booklet or presentation in accordance with the alignment of the text and imagery. Those that are manually operated require minimal effort and are easy to set up and operate. Whether you want a single machine for home use or a number of them for the office, we can offer next working day delivery and competitive prices. Compact and convenient, ring binding machines are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who needs to quickly collate and present multiple pages as a single and easy-to-read document.