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Laptop & PC Headsets with Mics


While it might seem hard to believe, headphones have been around since 1910, when engineer Nathaniel Baldwin developed the first pair at his kitchen table. Little did he realise that these would evolve to become an essential accessory for office-workers and gamers alike, in the form of office PC headsets.


Benefits for workers 

At their most basic, computer headsets are a set of headphones that are attached to the laptop by a wire in the computer’s sound port. However, more common is the wireless PC headset with mic. This office headset allows the user to use both their hands and listen to the conversation. While the idea of listening-only office headsets might sound a bit redundant, research in the US has found that giving workers control over their audio environment “relaxes our muscles, improves our mood, and can even moderately reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety.”


The next stage 

However, the next step in the evolution of the wireless laptop and PC headset with mic. Not only do these keep the user’s hands-free, but they also negate the need for cradling a telephone headset between the neck and shoulder. Widely used by gamers, they are becoming more common office headsets, particularly in call centres and workspaces where users need to communicate with customers or colleagues, while still being able to access information on the computer.

As the user’s ears are enclosed in headphones, these also make for a better quality of sound. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, these are a great way of improving productivity and giving workers a sense of autonomy. 

At Avansas, we stock a wide range of mono and stereo PC headsets with mics, designed for personal or professional use. Without the need for drivers or to download special software, these are a case of ‘plug and play,’ making them ready to use as soon as they’re taken out of the packaging.