Disposable Cups

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Disposable Cups 

At Avansas, we supply businesses and individuals with paper disposable cups and plastic disposable cups. If you’re unsure as to which would better suit your needs, here’s a handy guide to each. 


Keep things green 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using paper disposable cups is their eco-friendly credentials. Made from paper, they break down far quicker than their plastic counterparts, making them an invaluable asset if you’re looking to reduce the size of your carbon footprint. If you want to fully communicate your commitment to the environment to your customers, colleagues, friends, or family, check out our range of biodegradable and compostable paper cups.  

They’re made from materials that allow them to quickly degrade, but with no compromise on performance. Insulated to protect your hands against hot liquids, and double-walled to keep your drink warmer for longer, they’re the perfect disposable cups for anyone looking to keep things green. 


Say goodbye to the washing up 

Disposable cups made from paper don’t have to be confined to the office. While they’re ideal for water-coolers and coffee machines, they’re a superb addition to catering outfits, cafés, and even private parties!  

Whether you’re serving a queue of customers through a serving hatch, or keeping your guests topped up with their favourite tipples, they make the after-show clean-up that much easier. Without having to worry about washing up, you can collect cups at the end of the day or evening, and quickly dispose of them. 

The other advantage disposable paper cups have is their affordability. Because the raw materials and production processes are comparatively low, they can help to ensure that you don’t blow your budget unnecessarily.  


Keep things cool with disposable plastic cups 

Although not quite as versatile as their paper cousins, disposable plastic cups can be used for any party, indoors or outside. While they may not be suitable for hot drinks, they’re perfect for water, fizzy drinks, and grown-up beverages. A stack by your water-cooler ensures that your staff remain hydrated throughout the working day, while disposable plastic cups will ensure that your party, wedding, or celebration goes with a swing, and there’s no washing up to deal with once everything winds down.  


The eco-friendly option 

A concern that some have is that many disposable plastic cups have a negative impact on the environment. At Avansas, we take our green credentials seriously, which is why we stock a selection of cups made from 100% recycled plastic. These are often bought by those hosting large get-togethers, running catering companies, or even by those who work in medical and dental environments. While they’re lightweight, they’ll easily cope with a variety of cold liquids and can be used for hours on end. In addition, just like our non-recycled disposable plastic cups, once they’re finished with, they can easily be thrown away. 

In addition, these types of plastic cup are perfectly suitable for environments in which younger children need to be hydrated. Shatterproof, they offer a safe alternative to cups made from more breakable materials, such as glass and porcelain. 


Versatile polystyrene 

Browse our collection of disposable cups, and you’ll also find that we stock a selection made from polystyrene. These are perfect for keeping cold drinks cool during warmer weather, and hot drinks warm during the colder months. Easy to grip, they’re also suitable for schools and environments where children are present, and they offer an excellent single-use alternative to standard drinking cups. 

What many people are unaware of is that polystyrene cups can be as eco-friendly as paper disposable cups. Typically, your average polystyrene paper cup requires over 40% less water to manufacture than a paper one, and almost 20% energy. On top of that, they use over 20% less petrol in the sourcing and transport of the raw materials, and don’t require any trees to be cut down. Although they don’t break down in the same way as paper cups, their green qualifications stand up in the manufacturing process. 


Insulation and accessories 

The insulation and gripping qualities are achieved by the use of a linen-weave texture, on both the inside and outside of each cup. In basic terms, this creates an uneven surface which, despite being soft to the touch, helps to trap pockets of heat or cold, slowing the transmission of temperature through the polystyrene material. This surface also works in tandem with the surface of your skin to help prevent slippage and dropping. 

In addition to disposable cups, we also supply a range of accessories for them, including sip-through lids and vented lids. Not only do these help to prevent accidental spills and splashes, but vented lids add another level of insulation to your drink. Sip-through lids are ideal for those who want to enjoy a hot tea or coffee without burning their lips. 

As Europe’s leading provider of office supplies, we can offer you the best products at the best prices, whether you’re buying in bulk or making a one-off purchase. Whether you work in an office, run a catering business, or want to host a private party, we can deliver your order in as little as 24 hours.