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Bathroom Cleaning Supplies & Products


Ideal for keeping both your home and workplace hygienically clean, the wide selection of bathroom cleaning products and washroom supplies at Avansas has everything you need to remove dirt, germs and harmful bacteria.

Whether it’s for food environments, nursing homes, or hospitals, there’s an antibacterial hand soap and soap dispenser that can be used to thoroughly clean and disinfect here at Avansas. There’s dermatologically tested options from leading brands such as Carex, Baylis & Harding, Certex, Dove, Maxima, Ecover, Dymapearl and many more. An essential addition to your washroom supplies, these hand soaps will also maintain the natural pH balance of your skin so hands won’t be left feeling dry, either.

You’ll also find towel dispensers, hand towels and toilet rolls in the wide range of Avansas bathroom cleaning supplies and hygiene products. Towel dispensers are not only durable, compact and easy to clean, but they reduce waste too. There’s also a variety of toilet rolls and paper available, with the larger packs perfect for ensuring everything from office to restaurant bathrooms are always fully stocked.

To achieve maximum bathroom sparkle with minimum extra effort, look no further than the range of bathroom cleaning products. You can achieve great results without all the elbow grease, thanks to a wide selection of toilet cleaners, cleaning cloths, and towels. There’s eco-friendly plant and mineral-based options that are formulated without harsh chemicals, as well as cleaners with de-scaling properties and a foaming action. Expect each one to be tough on bathroom dirt and soap scum. Order your bathroom cleaning supplies from Avansas today.