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Food Storage Containers & Food Storage Boxes

Whether you work in a restaurant, as part of a mobile catering company, or keep your sandwiches in the office fridge, knowing the basics of food storage can help you prevent making yourself, your colleagues, or your customers unwell. Established in 1990, the Food Safety Act lays out the groundwork for anyone who sells food as part of their business. While some of it might appear to be common sense, there are always details that can go overlooked. If you're looking for the best ways to keep your office food fresh and uncontaminated, or you have a vested interest in food storage containers, this is the guide.


The basics of using food storage boxes

Food safety is a vital element for those working in the food industry. However, it's also important to employers and employees who store office food in their workplace. Here are the absolute basics of food storage:

  • Avoiding the potential for cross-contamination is a fundament of food storage. The Food Standards Agency defines cross contamination as the process through which “bacteria or other microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one object to another." This can include instances where raw food, such as meat or fish, can drip onto other foods, when kitchen utensils aren't adequately cleaned between use, or even when certain foods come into contact with surfaces that aren't subsequently wiped down properly. Keeping meat and fish in airtight food storage containers is the best way to keep those ingredients separate from others while they're being stored or in use.
  • While how you store your food can be crucial, so too can where you store it. Whether you're wondering which are the best food storage boxes or how best to keep your office food free from nasties, the important thing is to note where in the fridge you should keep it. Raw meats and fish should be stored in the lowest part of the fridge. Should there be any unforeseen leaks or drips, this will prevent them from dripping down onto other foodstuffs. If you're storing sandwiches in the office fridge, keep them in an appropriate container and, where possible, store them on the upper shelves.
  • Even if you freeze food, there’s always a point where it will start to deteriorate. Using labels to mark exactly what the food is, when it was frozen, and when its time is up is a great way to ensure that it gets used when it should. Keeping tabs on what's in the freezer can help reduce the need to throw things away while keeping an eye on your carbon footprint. On top of that, it prevents you from serving or eating food that should have been disposed of.
  • It’s important to note that the ‘sniff test’ won’t necessarily tell you whether food is safe to eat or not. As an example, the bacteria that transform pork into a potential killer cannot be detected by smell. However, pork products stored in plastic wrap can develop an odour that smells like meat that's gone off. Rather than leaving things to chance, it's a far better idea to ensure that your office food storage containers fall into line with the guidelines and regulations proposed by the Food Standards Agency.


Are plastics food-safe?

In the past, there has been some concern over the use of Bisphenol-A in the manufacture of food storage containers. This chemical has been found to impact health negatively and can be absorbed by food. However, food storage options from Avansas are free from BPA and entirely safe for refrigeration and freezing of all kinds of food. If you're looking to keep an eye on your carbon footprint, we can also offer a range of recyclable food storage boxes that provide the same benefits as their standard equivalents.

Keeping your food correctly stored can help to prevent food poisoning and the spread of certain bacteria, such as salmonella. As Europe's leading office materials and accessories supplier, we can provide you with exceptional food storage containers and boxes at the best prices. Whether you're an individual looking for a way to keep your packed lunch protected or a catering business dealing out delicious dishes to your customers, we've got everything to keep you compliant and your customers coming back for more.